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Entasy by Brynn Myers
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Jun 26, 2012

did not like it
bookshelves: disappointing
Read in June, 2012

Apparently I am one of the few people that are not seeing the beauty in this novella. I struggled to finish this novella, and honestly thought about stopping it several times. First, each chapter is narrated from a different character. I don’t normally have a problem with this, but when you have absolutely no clue who is narrating the chapter until several pages in (and sometimes not even then), you get so lost, it’s like you are in a labyrinth. It certainly doesn’t help that every chapter is written in the first person. I’m sorry, but this does not work in any way when you have multiple perspectives. There was this one part where the author didn’t even mention what the character’s name was who was narrating until the next chapter when someone else was narrating.

The next problem I had was the amount of characters. This book was extremely short, being a novella, but if you are going to introduce a large amount of characters, the book needs either be longer, or the author needs to give better descriptions so that readers remember them later on in the story. This also leads to the problem of complex names. When characters have hard to pronounce names, it gets tricky to remember who they are.

Another problem I had is that some things were never explained. For example, what is the fade? You can certainly try to infer what it is; however, I would like some type of explanation because I could be completely wrong. It would only take a sentence at most. It seemed like the author wanted us to know what certain things were before reading the book. However, with such a small description, I could barely tell what the book was going to be about. While I know what a changeling is- another term that is never described- other readers won’t know what this term means because they aren’t familiar with Irish legends and fairy terms. The only reason I know what a changeling is, is because I have read so many fairy books. Again though, I’m only inferring what a changeling is based on prior knowledge, I could be completely wrong.

This book honestly seemed like the very first book that the author wrote, however it does have an interesting premise. I wish it were better written because I see such promise with the storyline. Nevertheless, it is safe to say I will not be reading the rest of this series.

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