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Love is Fear by Caroline Hanson
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Jun 30, 12

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** spoiler alert ** I loved, loved, loved this book. Valerie can't make up her mind if she wants the hot, steamy Vampire King Lucas or the hot, strong vampire hunter Jack. She knows Lucas keeps getting her into all this crap with the vampires and at the ball he dragged her too Nate got killed and they barely got out a live. But Lucas makes her come like no one else and just looking at him gets her hot. Now she even dreams of him taking her blood and how crazy is that when she was raised to be a hunter and to fear everything they are. Lucas tells her not only is she an Empath but there are others fey, werewolves, and witches. That he want to find them and restore them so that the balance will be right in the world again. He doesn't tell her he is the one who destroyed them all even all the Empath.

Recap from end of last book:
Valerie has managed to keep Jack from finding out about Lucas and her relationship, but it all changes with Nates death. Valerie feels as if Lucas didn't keep his promise about protecting her father, but he didn't know they were going to show up at the ball. After he healed her and himself and they had some major sex she awakes in her apartment. She gets a call from Jack that Nate isn't going to make it long and she tries to get to them in Rome as fast as she can to say good bye. She gets there to late he has already died and Jack is devastated. She goes on up and sees her father and decides she needs to end things with Lucas and make Jack commit to a relationship with her even if it isn't perfect. She gets a call at the hosptial that Jack accepts and wants to know who it is, but she want tell him and basically hangs up on Lucas and says I am headed to the hotel. Lucas has one the Challenge for vampire king and Marion is in a coffin and out of the way.

When Lucas takes Val back to her hotel room after the challenge she is so glad he is a live and that Marion is in a coffin. She is kissing him and griding on him and realizes they aren't a lone of course Lucas knew that. He is gone before she can say anything when she turns around Jack tears into her. What the fuck are you doing with Lucas? So she has to tell him everything she has been keeping from him. The fact that he gives her the files, that she was at the ball with Lucas, that she is an Empath, and that she is fucking him.

But now that Nate is gone she would give up the crazy vampire king and make it work with Jack. She had to convince him they could have a life and great life together. She had loved him since she was 12 years old and he made her come that night with just his touch after their drunken night of Monopoly. She knew he wanted her to she just had to make him give in and if it meant getting her away from Lucas he would go a long with it. So after her shower and gettig out of the bloody clothes form the challenge she told him what she wanted and he agreed to go.

Tentions where high she was with Jack but all she could think of was Lucas and how she missed him. Val was determined her and Jack was gonna work. As soon as they hit the hotel she would make love and it was going great. He had her right where she wanted to be until he wantede his condem and just why did he need that. She had only been with one person and she was his first too. She dropped the subject and convinced him she was fine with it and they finished what they started. When she went to sleep she dreamed of Lucas and sex with him and knew he wanted her back. He said she would be back and she was always his it was just a matter of time. Things got worse her and Jack tried to have a good time and she almost drowned and when she came around on the boat and was looking straight at Jack she called out for Lucas. Jack went off on her again at the hotel and just can't make since why she wants him. Rachel shows up and makes things worse. Of course Jacks basically calls Val a whore and she leaves him in Hawaii and goes home to California. She's not home long and calls Lucas. Jack is getting drunk in Hawaii with Rachel rubbing it in about Val already being back in Lucas bed. Of course Val had to convince him she was done with Jack that it just wasn't working out.

Lucas takes her straight to London to his bed and makes her scream is name over and over till she forgets all about Jack. Some amazing sex make between them through this book. Jack is just left out in the cold. Lucas sure knows what to do to turn Val on.

Her search for the wolves and the fey start and as she goes to look she thinks it will be just her and Lucas and maybe Rachel but who the hell does she bring Jack.

They all are in for it when they get stuck in land of the fey. Who do you trust? Lucas wants Vals blood so bad he can't see straight and Jack just wants Lucas dead. Rachel is drawn to Jack. The Fey King takes Val and it all changes. Lucas gets attakced by werewolves and Jack tries to finish him off but Lucas puts him in the way and he gets ripped apart. Lucas says hes too far gone but Rachel says she can save him but fails to tell Val until its too late that he will be a wererwolve if he survies being bond to someone. Lucas says it has to be him and Rachel tells her he is lying and tricks her into keeping him busy to set everything up to bond him with Val. Val gives him her blood to find out the truth from Lucas and she gets more information that she wanted. He is knocked out cold from emotion over load from her blood. When Jack wakes up Rachel shoves Val out of the room. Tells her Jack is hers that they will bond. Lucas can't help he is still out could, how could I trust that bitch. Val calls Cer the fey king to help her get in the room, but Jack doesn't chose Val he choses Rachel. Takes her blood willingly and then takes her to bed and Lucas is still out and now she owes Cer a favor in return. What is he gonna want......
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