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The Black Prism by Brent Weeks
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Jun 26, 2012

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After reading "The Night Angel Trilogy" I was about to give up on Brent Weeks completely, as well as fantasy as a genre and the planet Earth and all my fellow human beings. Alas, a wizard cast a spell on me when I was young and cursed me with "Benefitium-of-the-doubteus Maximus" that compels me to try and try again. So I found myself wrist deep in another one of Brent Weeks' droppings, searching for the West Indian Lilac that causes so many tummy aches in Triceratops.

Black Prism is over-descriptive magic at it's worst, so prepare to wade through countless paragraphs of how it "feels" to cast magic. I had just purchased a handgun that the gent at the store assured me would leave "no brain matter unscrambled" when I found myself actually engaged in the story. The main character is basically Piggy from Lord of the Flies who learns he is magic on the same day his town is destroyed by an evil empire. This was when I put the first bullet in the chamber. However, the story has another main character in the "Prism" who is kind of the color Pope/Superman who goes around saving people from color monsters. He has a terrible secret though, as he keeps a strange prisoner in his room in a magic cell that nobody else knows about. This is basically the only reason to read this book as it is the only interesting part.

It's kind of like if you started reading Harry Potter, and then at a certain point it skewed off and you learned Dumbledore was keeping a madman in his office for a mysterious reason. If that doesn't help you along, I have a barely used gun for sale.
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Andrew Obrigewitsch LOL, funny review, but 3 stars means you liked the book, Did you actually like it?

message 2: by Bookwraiths (new) - added it

Bookwraiths Great review. I have read some books that made me want a loaded pistol as well.

message 3: by Joe (new) - rated it 3 stars

Joe Andrew wrote: "LOL, funny review, but 3 stars means you liked the book, Did you actually like it?"

Yes! Totally. I am a fan of this series no question. It's just funnier to focus on the negative, but really, it's a very compelling book.

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