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The Girl Who Chased the Moon by Sarah Addison Allen
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Jun 26, 2012

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I can't decide what I think of this story. Am I glad I read it? Yes. Did I enjoy the read? Yes. Did I love it? Yes and no.

I enjoyed the mystery, the characters, and how the author connects the characters in small ways. And yet the connections made me wonder if the book wouldn't have been better as three separate, more developed stories. So I was left with mixed emotions. I think maybe it comes down to having two main characters - one being a teenager and one an adult. Emily (the teenager) read more like an adult, and in fact at the beginning of the story I thought she was one. I adored Julia (the adult) and found myself more interested in her story than in Emily's. Emily often felt secondary, though I wanted to like her more and know more about her, but that was mainly because I was interested in what happened to her mom and grandpa (who are both fantastic characters in their own right).

Additionally, the two guys in the lives of Emily and Julia seem to be almost the same character to me. They had small differences, but overall they were handsome, wealthy guys with an air of confidence and mystery. The main differences were their hair color and age.

I did enjoy how the third-person narrative jumps around to different characters so that we get different perspectives. And I also enjoyed the elements of magic and fantasy that are woven into a contemporary setting. And yet the magic had no reason and no rules. When I said there could be three different stories, each story could have evolved around the three different types of magic: wallpaper that changes based on mood and thoughts, people who have a "sweet sense", and the secret magic (don't want to spoil it). All the ideas are fantastic, but they didn't quite meld together for me.

I loved the author’s descriptions – she is a great writer, which left me all the more baffled when a few times she reverted to using clichés.

I felt that the character's stories left off in a good place . . . and yet it also seemed that we were just barely getting to know the people when the story ended. So overall this book was a strange mix for me - I loved elements of it but can't say I loved it.
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