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Strange Angels by Lili St. Crow
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Jun 26, 2012

it was ok
bookshelves: vampires-werewolves-ya-zombies

A nice read. The story is quite thrilling and the ending gives us something to hope for in the nest instalments. The downside is its terrible prose and pacing.

The plot is very interesting, filled with chases and fights without getting overdone. The promise of romance between the protagonist Dru and Graves, though not explored in this book, also added extra dimension. All in all the story held promise especially for its next instalments.

However, the awesome plot is dragged down by the books awful prose, horrid visuals and jerky pacing.

One of its worst fault is the overuse and misuse of metaphors. The amount of metaphor in this book is insane. There is almost one in every other sentence or so. Some get terribly reused that they fell flat.

The misused metaphors, and other elements (descriptions, dialogue, objects, etc.) also induce unappealing visuals. Smells of pies and spices for half vampires, or cheese while trying to kill a monster and other such incongruous things, mostly ruins the experience.

The pacing is also out of hand. The greatest offender is the books terribly long passages of flashbacks that often times appear in places where we don't want them or just breaks the flow. Often, these flashbacks offer nothing to the story. I am always tempted to just skip them over.

The book also suffer from over detailed descriptions or the protagonist emotional reactions, memory burst, observation, etc. And like the flashback these lengthy things often appear in places where it breaks the flow. The result is a jerky ride where the pace speeds up when action appears then suddenly drags in these descriptions then jerk forward again as we leave there mumblings. What a terrible reading experience.

Still, the plot is quite strong enough to pull us through the faults. The story has promises that sometimes overshadow the unpleasantness.
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Anna roes i love this book mabey the best ever i dont care what anyone says its AMAZING!!!!

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