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Insatiable by Lauren Dane
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Jun 26, 12

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Quick & Dirty: Hot. Damn.

Opening Sentence: There was no sound other than heavy breathing and then an in-drawn breath gone liquid.

The Review:

Phew. That’s all I’ve got to say. I think the temperature just rose 10 degrees in here and all I did was read this book.

So, sit right down and let me tell you all about it. *grin*

Daniel Haws is HOT super spy extraordinaire. His latest mission is to rescue a princess from enemy territory and bring her and her cargo back to his side of things. But, last thing Daniel wants to do is have to escort a pampered female through hostile territory. However, an assignment is an order no good soldier can ignore, so travel across enemy lines he does, and protect a girl he must. And, boy is he in for a surprise. For Carina Fardelle is no ordinary princess, and this job will take everything he has. His heart included.

As the daughter of the most hated man in all the Known Universes, she is no stranger to fear, deceit and even murder. Being the daughter of this man also has its perks. She can keep up with the men who are in charge of her well being, change identities as necessary, and even hold her own in a fight. Handy trick, that. But, when her father decides to marry her off to one of his evil pals, Carina and her mother make plans for her escape. Armed with secret bad guy info on a chip embedded in her skin, Carina is ushered across the ‘Verses by a man from the other side, one whom she vows to dislike. (He really is pretty bad towards her in the beginning.)

But, even with all the rude condescension, Carina finds herself rather attracted to the man who shall be her savior. And eventually, like with all good erotic novels, neither Daniel nor Carina can stand the tension any longer, and they end up in bed, together. And what a rousing good time that is y’all. Dane knows what she’s writing about, and she definitely knows how to make a story catch fire. And I’ll be darned if you don’t feel a tiny bit scorched by the end.

One question I did have, that was eventually answered, was how do these people, who have never been there, always know Earth English slang and curses. F-bombs, S-bombs, freak, hand-job, a veritable curse/slang smorgasbord. Am I right? Well, this time, I can explain. This series takes place well into the future, during a time when we’ve apparently figured out the whole space travel thing and have been settled on other planets in other places for quite a long time. And I guess some of the good things just last. So, imagine, hundreds of years from now, we could still be LOLing and O.M.Ging with the best of them.

Or not.

All in all, an exciting, sexy adventure into the future and space.

Notable Scene:

She did not look at the men in the trees, did not look at the men crouched at the next corner shooting round after round, all set to kill her. They would not harm her; she knew that instinctively. Knew Daniel Haws would kill a thousand men to save her, knew he’d give his life for her. This last bit scared her more than the men trying to kill her. This last bit was a bigger threat than any, because he was her everything, and she would not survive losing him.

So she looked up at Daniel, into his face, and held on to her certainty that no one was better than he.

Spent shells showered around her head, glittering in the sunlight with a sick sort of beauty. The ones that touched her bare skin burned as they bounced, hitting the ground, still smoking. Their metallic ping sounded over and around the other sounds, all chaos. The stench of the powder within the shells hung in the air, stinging her nose, making her eyes water.

His face was stark, a mask of furious, righteous anger, a vengeful angel. Each shot brought the energy rebounding through his upper body, and she watched, fascinated, as it bounced against him over and over, but he never lost his focus.

All around her she heard screams of rage and pain, the percussive thump as bodies hit the ground. The thick, coppery scent of blood mixed with the stench of the spent shells, the acrid wash of fear coating it all.

FTC Advisory: Penguin/Berkley provided me with a copy of Insatiable. No goody bags, sponsorships, “material connections,” or bribes were exchanged for my review.
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