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Most Talkative by Andy Cohen
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Jun 26, 2012

really liked it
Read from June 26 to July 03, 2012

As a fan of Andy Cohen I loved this book! He gave a very heartwarming view of his life through the good and sometimes insanely embaressing. He begins with his home life growing up in the mid west, not unlike others in the mid west, except that he knew he was gay. His struggle to reveal himself to his family/ friends is sad (he thinks they will shun him) to hilarious (his mother outting him to everyone she meets.) I read other reviews where they say that he doesnt explain clearly enough the leap from CBS to Bravo but I feel he went into great depth about making the change. First at CBS (many funny stories there) to LOGO to then what Bravo is today. He worked very hard to make his way to what his heart really wanted which was to be on air interviewing his favorite people!

What I loved the most about Andy's story is that he leaves nothing out. He tells every horribly awkward story from his past and not only that he embraces those stories as what made him who he is. Stories that most people would want to ignore he tells in full detail. His own admission that he is a loud, brash, sometimes naive and very bold person made me love him even more. He talks about

When he gets to the Bravo breakdown is the part that may lose some people if they do not follow the "Housewives" series. I thought he could have explained/talked about a few of the other shows (no mention of Tabatha?!) but the "housewives" are where he cut his teeth so hence they are intregal to the story of his life and career.

Overall a good read for Bravo and Andy Cohen fans!

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