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Kissin' Tell by Lorelei James
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As long as Lorelei James writes books, I will read them. That being said… this one was just okay. I’m not real crazy about this branch of the McKay family to start with and nothing about Tell, Brandt, Jessie, Dalton, Casper, or Joan in this book did anything to change that. Tell came off as being a bit of a man-whore and a pushover, and I didn’t care all that much for his love interest, Georgia “angry and checked out since high school” Hotchkiss, either. Plus, the ultimate kiss of death: the sex was pretty vanilla! I’m used to hot, sexy, and wild McKay boys like Kane, Kade, Colt, etc. Doing it on the stairs just isn’t going to cut it! So why did I give it three stars as opposed to just one or two? 1.) It’s Lorelei James. I love her and like I said before - as long as she is writing books, I will read them. So she got some bonus points for previous work. 2.) It’s the McKay family. I may not have loved Tell and Georgia, but it is always fun getting glimpses into what is happening in previous characters lives now (Love you forever, AJ and Cord!) So more bonus points for that. And 3.) If this was a regular contemporary romance instead of an erotic romance, it would have been pretty good. So bonus/pity points for that as well. Fingers crossed that the next book, Gone Country - which is supposedly the long lost McKay son, Gavin Daniels’ story, will be better.

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