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Resurrected by Morgan Rice
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Jun 25, 2012

it was amazing
Read in June, 2012

First off let me say that if you haven't read the Vampire Journals series by Morgan Rice, you might want to before you start the Vampire Legacy series. Resurrected begins the spin-off series Vampire Legacy that came from Vampire Journals. However, Morgan Rice does a wonderful job at giving you the need-to-know information throughout Resurrected, if you choose not to read the Vampire Journals series first.

In Resurrected Morgan Rice starts out the book with it being Scarlet's 16th birthday. Her parents Caitlin and Caleb are thrilled to be hosting a surprise party for Scarlet, where Caitlin would hand down a necklace that had been in the family for generations. However, that was the last "normal" day any of them would have again. When Caitlin can't fall asleep she remembers the stack of old books her grandmother had given her years before. She heads up to the attic to find them, but Caitlin wishes she never would have. In that stack Caitlin finds her Vampire Journal. The problem is Caitlin cannot remember any of her time as a vampire. She is confused if it is real or not, why wouldn't she remember being a vampire, and are there really vampires? All of these questions and more start unraveling Caitlin, and when she seeks answers from a friend, Scarlet is struck ill. Caitlin arrives home to find Caleb sitting with Scarlet and then their world turns upside down. Between Scarlet throwing Caleb across the room hard enough to leave his imprint in the drywall and her just disappearing, Caitlin and Caleb aren't sure what to do. Caitlin realizes that Scarlet is becoming a vampire, but Caleb doesn't believe her. Poor Scarlet is still suffering through regular day to day teen drama, but on top of it is dealing with "the change" even though she has no idea what she is becoming.

I love the way Morgan Rice writes her books. Even though they are written in the third person, I still feel that I can create a great mental picture of the scenes. They are very fast paced and something is happening. This is the kind of book you think you will start at bedtime, only to find out that you didn't sleep and read the entire thing in one sitting!! Look for my book review on Craved, book #2 in the Vampire Legacy series, where we are introduced to Sage and poor Scarlet is being accused of having a drug problem. Poor confused parents :)
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