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Rise of the Governor by Robert Kirkman
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Jun 25, 2012

really liked it

Spoiler below

I was very much expecting when I picked up this book for it to be very similar to the series with perhaps a few mentions of some of the characters that we have met already. But no such luck, i felt that it was a bit rushed into the zombie outbreak with no backstory as to how this came
About, I always feel in zombie books there could be more speculation or history on how the outbreak happened - but that might just be me!
I thought the character progression was the best part of the book and found myself quite attached to Brian by the end feeling quite sorry for Philip despite his horrific actions throughout the story.
I got a bit tired with Penny who always seemed to be going into herself etc and I felt that even though she was an important character, we didn't really know anything about her.
I felt the same about Nigel in the sense
That there was great detail about Philip and Brian however there was little as to Nigel's story.
I also felt that the story on the family that they lived with in the apartments was cut short and was expecting there to be more later on in the story but they didn't reappear!
That said however I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and thought that the authors did a great job of creating suspense and even got me a little choked up when Brian was having a heart to heart with Philip when they left the 2 sisters. Would definitely recommend this book for zombie lovers!
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