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Beautifully Broken by Sherry Soule
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Jun 27, 12

Beneath the Moon and Stars review

This book is intense in the most amazing way. I could not put this down. When I did it was all I could think about. I can honestly say I wasn't sure if I was going to like this. Throughout the first half my feelings were kinda mixed. The second half made me wonder what in the world I was thinking. This book is so amazing. It left me dying for more.

This has AMAZING characters. I understand why it's called Beautifully Broken. Shiloh and Trent are both broken in their own ways. Both have very bad family issues. I think they are both using each other to feel better. They really needed each other. I'm sure some would say they were insta love. I don't agree with that at all. They were flirty friends then they were a couple.

I adore Shiloh. She's an incredibly heroine. I love her snarky geek personality. She is a very unique character. I like how she doesn't care what people think about her. She really came into her own throughout the book. She grew into herself and her magic.There is two sides to Trent. The pushy cocky annoying side and the sweet adorable side. Personally I like the sweet side. I found myself screaming at him all the time. I was always wondering what he was thinking. He finally found someone who made him feel alive I guess you could say. Then he pushed her away and shut down. There were two things that bothered me about Trent. One he's very pushy and two he thinks a kiss can fix everything. Sometimes a kiss doesn't fix everything and you actually have to talk to each other. This book had some great secondary characters. I loved Mr. Evans and Ari.

The storyline is hard to describe. Suspenseful isn't the word even though it had its fair share of suspense. I felt like I knew something was going to happen and I just had to wait for it. I found myself waiting a lot. There would be action and some major twist and then nothing for a long time. It was kinda back and forth. It worked for this story but it took some getting used too. Overall I am so glad I got the chance to read this. I loved it with all my heart even though I had my doubts. I can't wait for the sequel so I can see where this story is going to go. I'm curious to see what other people thought. I highly recommend.
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