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Three Days of Dominance by Cari Silverwood
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Jul 15, 12

Read from June 25 to 26, 2012

Interesting story. I don't normally read much fantasy, not liking to have to acquaint myself with a whole new world but this wasn't a big stretch for the imagination and I liked that.

Danii is a cop who is used to being alone and taking care of herself until one day on a walk with her dog and the neighbors dog she meets a stranger who will change all that.

Heketoro (seriously, how do your pronounce this name? I started calling him BOB!)means fairy spirit and that is what he is, a Fairie, a Prince of the Underworld who has been cursed to live in a lake for the crime he has committed. To break this curse he needs the help of Danii and her promise of three days of dominance.

The book was not hard to follow, the lemons were plenty and pretty damn hot! Love what this hot fairie could do with foliage and flowers!

What bummed me out about the story would be the language of Heketoro. I guess I feel let down when a Prince of the Underworld uses common human speak, it is as if it cheapens his character. I do like how the author explains how he knows the language though having watched humans for 100 years, it would be similar to picking up a accent.

What was never explained, or I flat out missed it, was what was the point or Emana kidnapping Danii and why wasn't she able to remember it like everything else. This seemed to be pretty damn important, important enough to add it to the story, but nothing was ever said after she returned.

Three Days of Dominance was an good short read. Not something I would read again, but another fantasy book that I was able to handle.
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22.0% "Sometimes I shock myself with what I read..." 2 comments
53.0% "I am still unsure about this book. Why couldn't he be named something simple? At times I am okay with the story and then I am all like WTF? Like uh does he know about the war etc? I guess it is weird when this Princes of the Underworld use mundane human speak to me. It's almost like they are above all that jazz. Hmmm."

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Emily ~Literary Gossip~ This one was different. If you read it let me know what you think I'm still on the fence about it.

Sara Okay, I just realized that I had it and totally forgot about it. I have been going through the books that I haven't read yet to attempt at lowering my Nook budget that I cannot stay in. It looks decent enough but the reviews are all over the place.

message 3: by Robin (new)

Robin Yeah, looks like it could be an interesting read. Can't wait to hear your thoughts!

edzkie♥§*.*§♥ i like this one..hope i can find an e book of this...hahahaha..your not alone sara... im completely shock with my self too...:)

Sara babyedzkie♥bookaholic§*.*§ wrote: "i like this one..hope i can find an e book of this...hahahaha..your not alone sara... im completely shock with my self too...:)"

I have it in ebook format. What do you read on?

edzkie♥§*.*§♥ im just reading it on my it in epub format or jar?

Sara I have it in epub.

edzkie♥§*.*§♥ ok..can u give me a copy? hahahaha..ill just let a friend convert it to jar so i can read it..please.. just sent it to

Sara I just emailed it to you!

edzkie♥§*.*§♥ got it..tnx so much..ill just look for someone to convert it!!! mwuah!!! btw, i add you on not sure if its really you..just guess it..the one with the three boys on prof pic..tnx

Sara No that isn't me. My profile picture is the same on here. I will send it to you in a message.

edzkie♥§*.*§♥ ok..OMG..i even msg that one..coz i assume since you mention here that you have three just you add again..:)

Sara I am sure it is okay. I get messages all the time for different Sara's. I will look for it.

edzkie♥§*.*§♥ i just added you..finally! many sara in FB..i didnt even see your pic when i search for it yesterday..even same surname...lolz

message 15: by Cari (new)

Cari Silverwood Eeep! I'm going to shut my eyes and pretend I didn't read all that about copying. One of you bought it so that's a plus. I'm not a starving author, yet, I still have a stale bread crust somewhere at the back of my cupboard.

This book was my first try at erotic romance. I'm not entirely happy about the end myself, or the way I tied up the romance. BTW Heketoro is an official New Zealand name for a fae type person from their mythology.

If you want to see a good book of mine, that's not fantasy, try Rough Surrender. Still BDSM but in 1910 Cairo. It's my best book for those who aren't into fantasy settings. So far 24 five stars out of 34 ratings. If you don't like it I'll eat my iPad.
Rough Surrender by Cari Silverwood
And now, I will tiptoe away, and leave you be.

Sara Cari,

I apologize for sending Edz the book the way I did. She is in the Philippines and was have trouble getting the right format but she really wanted to read your book. I normally do not do that unless it is a lend me book through my Nook. If it helps I have not done it since and feel like an utter asshat for ever doing it. I know my apology does not make it right.

I really did like the story. Heketoro was pretty damn hot with his manipulation of plants as bondage. His name, I just didn't know how to pronounce it and bugged my OCD. I did go an look the name up and learned about who he was in mythology. I actually have books on Scottish/Irish Fairies.

Can you tell me what happened with Emana and kidnapping Danii? I loved the scene but was lost with what happened after. I know Danii scratched her name on her arm and then it was healed so she wouldn't remember. I thought it was great to have her taken that way, I thought somehow they would meet after she and Heketoro went home.

Oh and the tattoos getting more involved and prominent each time they were intimate was so cool. I also loved how he helped her grieve for her brother. I asked the question in my update about Heketoro and if he knew about the war but a few pages after I posted that you explained it in the book.

I will definitely check out Rough Surrender, the plot looks really interesting.

This review was one of my first. I really had no idea how to describe the book and what I liked or didn't like about it.

And as a fellow redhead I loved the reason behind Danii's hair color.

NOW I will go stand in the corner and not bug you or offend you anymore.

message 17: by Cari (new)

Cari Silverwood LOL!
Sorry, no problem, Sara, and thank you for explaining.

I wrote this a long time ago - 2 years, I think? August 2010. I originally meant to do a sequel but so far, I'm not feeling the urge.

I did intend to have Emana as the main character in the next book...and since it's at the moment unlikely I will write this book...Jacob, Danii's lost MIA brother was to be the one who is her partner. He's another alpha male character. So with Emana, I wanted to explore further why she acts how she does. She intends to use Danii's brother as a power source for her magic, but instead falls under his spell (so to speak) and in love with him.

I now write more overt BDSM in my books. I've finally realized I should be up front about my love for other plot lines in my stories, and for adventure and action. So expect that if you read any more of my books.

If you're into BDSM stories you might find our BDSM Unleashed blog hop worth checking out (just started).
Here: http://bdsmauthorsplayroom.blogspot.c...

I also have my own blog and I'm giving away a copy of this book
31 Flavors of Kink by Leia Shaw

Have fun with your reading :)

Sara Oh WOW! That would have been an awesome sequel, really! It would have tied it up so nicely. It totally would have made sense that Jacob have the same power as Danii being siblings. I really liked Emana, she was so wicked! Are you sure you aren't going to write it? LOL

I read BDSM novels. I like how they are all different but give great insight and depth to the story.

Thanks for the links, I followed the blog with mine. I look forward to stalking it!

Thanks for the chat! It's always nice to get the authors insight to their story.

message 19: by Cari (new)

Cari Silverwood PS You made me think.
I love how you picked up on the logic of Jacob also having the same power. It's nice to tuck the ends of logic in like that, inside a story.

I won't rule a sequel out. But I have a lot of other books on the boil.
Great talking to you, Sara.

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