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Innocent by Scott Turow
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Jun 25, 2012

it was amazing

i jumped straight into the book right after presumed innocent. Turrow has not lost his touch but was a tad disappointing that the book was about Rusty in his sixties (which means, not much more chance of further books on Rusty.) Sixty-two year old Rusty is still as captivating, charismatic and fustrating(!)

Turow manages to tie up everything in this ending which is a little sad; i have always lamented that many books do not account for some characters' fate, but this book did account for everything and which means there might not be any further chance of us visiting Rusty in his lives.

Would have liked the appearance of Della Guardia and Lipranzer (how could Lipranzer, Rusty's best friend miss out on all the action??!!!) but Nat, wiser Tony Molto and Anna proved to be good replacement for the two former characters and we get to learn more of Barbara.

And the totally i-was-knocked-off-my-socks-and-blown-off ending omg omg!!! totally unexpected, I was guessing and guessing throughout the book who was responsible for Barbara's death and the truth was totally unexpected.

As good as the first book and as thrilling as the first one.

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