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The Statue of Ku by Tricia Stewart Shiu
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Jun 25, 2012

really liked it
Read from June 25 to 27, 2012

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The Bad and the Good
Development of past characters. Now, I only had one issue with this book- I felt like the previous characters from the book didn't develop that much. By saying that, I am still talking about the character connection. This is a huge factor for me, and I was disappointed that I found it hard to relate to Hilary, Molly, and even Heidi in The Statue of Ku. However, I began to like Moa more. But I don't mean that the characters weren't developed at all- in fact, they unlock new powers, with each of them having a special one. I just found it a little bit hard to really fall in love with them.

The Good
The narration. I really liked the way the book was narrated. Ku narrates the story, and I have to say I liked the way he narrated the story, way more than when it was Moa who was doing it. I don't really know why, but I found him a really likeable character- now, I believe he's my favorite!

The Awesome
The writing. I have to applaud Trishia Shiu. Her writing definitely improved this book, and I enjoyed reading it a lot more than I did with Moa. The plot was more pacy, the stakes a bit higher- it was like she upped everything up by a few notches! The book definitely surpassed my expectations.

The presentation. The way the novel unfolded was brilliant. In a sense, the story occurs in two timelines- one is in the present, wherein Hilary and her family are in Egypt, while the other one is about the life of Ku, and how he became to be a god. Both storylines complemented each other nicely, and because of the way they were arranged, the mystery and intrigue were nicely presented to us and they keep us guessing until the last few chapters.

The ending. Wow. Okay, this part was my favorite. The big finale of the story was really unexpected, and I was shocked with the way it ended. I won't spoil what truly happened, but yeah, it ended with a bang. But at the same time, it was really sad and painful to read about the goodbyes...

The cliffhanger. Okay, this frustrated me to no end. The cliffhanger in the book was humongous! I mean, I thought that Moa ended in a cliffhanger- but the cliffie in this book was twice as big! One thing's for sure- the next book? It's not taking place in Egypt anymore, but somewhere far away... Japan, here we come!

The Rating
4 stars! I enjoyed this book way more than I expected to, and as I said, you could clearly see a lot of improvement in the writing. If not just for a few issues I had, I'd have given it 5 stars! This book had a lot of great stuff- there's suspense, mystery, danger, drama, a little humor and romance, and of course, a lot of the metaphysical! So, if you stopped reading at Moa, I strongly recommend that you continue on with the series! I promise that it won't disappoint.

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