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Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King
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Jun 24, 12

Read in June, 2012

Stephen King does this length story quite well -- it's far too short to be a short story; but not entirely long enough to be a novel. Here we have four separate stories.

I was struck by the irrevocability of murder in "1922." Once you kill someone, it's done and there's no way to "take it back," regardless of the outcome. Wilfred is an unlikeable man, and perhaps that made it more interesting to read about how his life fell apart, like rotting flesh from a corpse, bit by bit after he killed his wife.

"Big Driver" suffers from a protagonist who, against all reasonable sense, refuses to call the cops when something Bad happens. I understand her reasons, but I still say she should have.

"Fair Extension" is the shortest story and I think the most interesting thing about it is how a sympathetic protagonist turns into someone so unappealing.

"A Good Marriage" is my favorite. Obviously (and admittedly) drawn from the real-life BTK murderer, it tells the story from the point of view of the wife. I have always had a morbid curiosity about Mrs. Rader and kids. What would you do? Change your name and hide? Stay in the town you've lived in for umpteen years, relying on the support of your friends? Would you have friends? Well, only one of those questions is tackled in "A Good Marriage," but it is still a good read.

Three and a half stars, I would say. King is eminently readable, and a fine wordsmith, and for fans, this will hit the spot. For non-fans, I'm sure it won't suit. For those of you who have always thought to try Stephen King, read my favorite: The Shining. It's an oldie but a goodie.

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