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Franny and Zooey by J.D. Salinger
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May 07, 09

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Conceiveably, I should have liked it a lot more, considering aspects of The Royal Tenenbaums was based off it. I don't know why everyone loves it so much. But I like Franny and Zooey better than my previous encounter with Salinger - The Catcher in the Rye. But it's all still phonies phonies phonies. Get over yourself. I can take the characters in small doses, but I could never be around them in real life. They have such a snobby way of talking. Am I supposed to hate the characters like Catcher? Maybe then it would make more sense. Idk. I just don't get Salinger.

And where does Zooey get off talking to his mother that way? Maybe I'm too southern or old fashioned, but you don't sass your momma. I wanted to slap him!!

But I did enjoy the last conversation between Franny and Zooey. It made sense.

Good quotes:

"'God damn it,' he said, 'there are nice things in the world - and I mean nice things. We're all such morons to get so sidetracked.'"

"No attempt whatever had been made to assign quotations or authors to categories or groups of any kind. So that to read the quotations from top to bottom, column by column, was rather like walking through an emergency station set up in a flood area, where, for example, Pascal had been unribaldly bedded down with Emily Dickinson, and where, so to speak, Baudelair's and Thomas a Kempis's toothbrushes were hanging side by side."

"The rest, with very little exaggeration, was books. Meant-to-be-picked-up books. Permanently-left-behind books. Uncertain-what-to-do-with books. But books, books."

"But if it's religious life you want, you ought to know right now that you're missing out on every single goddam religious action that's going on around this house. You don't even have sense enough to drink when somebody brings you a cup of consecrated chicken soup - which is the only kind of chicken soup Bessie ever brings to anybody around this madhouse. So just tell me, just tell me, buddy. Even if you went out and searched the whole world for a master - some guru, some holy man - to tell you how to say your Jesus Prayer properly, what good would it do you? How in hell are you going to recognize a legitimate holy man when you don't even know a cup of consecrated chicken soup when it's right in front of you nose?"

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Quotes Lynn Liked

J.D. Salinger
“I don't know what good it is to know so much and be smart as whips and all if it doesn't make you happy.”
J.D. Salinger, Franny and Zooey

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