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Frost by Kate Avery Ellison
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Jun 24, 2012

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"You must be strong, Lia. My Mother's voice rang in my head. I remembered her wind-weathered face, her chapped hands gripping mine, her earnest eyes as they scoured my face for weakness. There could be no weakness here in the Frost, where we clung to life between the mountains as desperately as a drowning man clings to a stone.

'He's not one of ours,' I said, turning to her with sudden fierceness. 'Ivy...'

'He's hurt,' she said.

'Don't you understand?'

She just looked at me. I drew in a deep breath.

'THAT is a Farther.'


Lia's parents were killed by the monsters of the Frost, Watchers they're called. Lia is left to care for her crippled twin brother and her irresponsible little sister. In a setting similar to M. Night Shamalyn's "Village," their town is sheltered from the outside world with no commerce in or out. Gossip is a favorite past time and your position in society determines how hard your life is.

Was it a compelling story? Yes, absolutely. I read it in an afternoon. The pacing is excellent.

Was there something unique about the book? The ending definitely had a twist I didn't expect. It actually kind of redeemed the whole book.

Was there a cute romance? Yes. Nothing unique, dark or different, just a cute little connection.

What bugged me? The writing. Sorry, folks, but WAY too many similies, metaphors and most of all, emotion naming. Seriously, I can understand how she feels by the context of the situation, I don't need to be TOLD how scared she is. It kind of bugged!

Overall? I'd rate it a "beach-read." No sketchy content, but nothing outstanding about it either.

Content Warning: Nothing really. Some suspense. Recommended for ages 12+.

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