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Heaven Is Here by Stephanie Nielson
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Jun 24, 2012

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Hooo boy, everybody seems to love this book but I just didn't. Even the Pioneer Woman loves this book. I am not much of a blog follower and I pretty well left the Mommy Blog years behind before there even were blogs or Mommy Bloggers but I had read a few entries and about Nie Nie's accident and recovery. It's an amazing story. I love her courage and faith and perseverance. And in the vein of "don't say anything if you can't say something nice" I should probably stop right here. If you totally love this book you should probably just stop reading now.

I didn't love the first part of the book, her courtship, marriage and satisfaction in motherhood. I imagine it was written to demonstrate her fairy tale like happiness, everything she ever wished for and more, and juxtapose all that bliss against the shocking hardship of what follows. Somehow for me that could all have been summed up in one chapter without all the brand name dropping. She grew up happy and sheltered, and well off, married a man she loved, apparently also well off, and set about building the life of her dreams - that of a devoted wife and mother. A worthy goal I both appreciate and personally embraced whenever I possibly could. I also applaud how candid she is as to her fears and feelings about reconnecting to every day life. Incredible honesty. So. So I keep wondering, am I heartless, am I just being petty and envious that so many things should come to her so easily or what the heck is it about this book that bugged me, because it did. I hope not but it's possible. Doubtless part of it is what I consider to be the overly earnest tone of so much LDS writing (I myself am LDS) - it's not great literature but I don't think that was the goal For me I guess I would have appreciated more info about what caused the plane crash (is there a legal thing going on because there sure seemed to be a dearth of info on the crash itself and I'm kind of wondering if she doesn't say anything about it strictly to put the focus on the recovery or because legally she/they can't comment or discuss - do I have a suspicious, nasty mind?). How in the world did they afford all of this, what financial struggles did the decision to move back to Utah (and thereby become unemployed, I assume) entail, how did they overcome those? Donations? I also would have liked hearing more about her husbands recovery, and perhaps his side of this story. How DID he find the strength to be such a pillar of strength for her? How did HE feel about her parents taking control of certain choices that from my point of view he should have had the final say in?

Well, again, let me say this IS a story of faith and courage, it's a great reminder that we can do hard things, that scars are reminders of miracles - it's not just one I enjoyed as much as I anticipated and based on the huge amount of 4 and 5 star ratings I am in the minority.
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Kirsten Werk I completely agree with everything you said, but didn't know how to put it into words. Thanks for a great review. Kirsten wrote: "I completely agree with everything you said, but didn't know how to put it into words. Thanks for a great review."
I had serious issues with giving a somewhat negative review about such an incredible story that truly is inspiring. Thanks!

Holly Perfect review.

Cindy Bokma I agree. I was a little put-off by her perfect life before the crash and how she described herself as beautiful and curvy etc.

Misty I too agree with your review. I was talking to my husband about it though I did find her story inspiring and motivating there was just something that was unsettling about it that I couldn't put my finger on, which I think you've summed up perfectly.

Rachel Arnold I totally agree with your review! I felt so guilty about feeling that way after reading the book, thinking, WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME! I found moments of inspiration, but I also found that it kind of left... for lack of a better phrase... a weird "after-taste" I struggled with how her family took over, and didn't give much thought to his family. Your review summed up my thoughts so well. Thank you!!

Lindsey Thanks for a great review, I completely agree!

Erin Wilde aubichon Great review. I felt the same way and you just expressed it so well!!!

Tori Totally agree!

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