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Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer
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Jun 28, 2012

did not like it
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Midnight Sun... If I spoke my mind when it came to my thoughts on you, there would be a lot of expletives. I will try to be classy and not be profane. It's not your fault that you're a piece of garbage... or is it?

I think this would be one star if I didn't take pity on the fact that it wasn't finished or edited. Pity that it probably doesn't deserve. Also, it was free to read. If I'd paid for it, I would've wanted to punch something (and I'm a pacifist.)

First of all, I need to gripe about the writing. I can't believe how horrendous it is. If this is unedited Stephanie Meyer, then her editer must be a genius. I read the Twilight series and The Host years ago and I will admit, I enjoyed them(I don't know if I'd ever want to re-read them but they were entertaining at the time).

This was so hard for me to get through. The choppy, mediocre writing mixed with Edward's douche-y thoughts was just a nightmare. I found humour in how many stupid thoughts Edward had.

But, all afternoon, I was gritting my teeth against the urge that had me yearning ditch, too-in order to go find the girl again. Like a stalker. An obsessed stalker. An obsessed, vampire stalker.

The word stalk (in it's various forms: stalk, stalked, stalking) is present 11 times in this book. Here are a few of them:

I was full of so many conflicting emotions as I stalked out of the room.

I stalked out of the room.

Rosalie stalked past me without a glance.

She got to her feet and stalked out of the room.

"You're unbelievable!" she said through her teeth, and then she turned away from me and stalked furiously toward the parking lot.

The word of the day is.......stalked!


Now here are some passages where Bella is clumsy! :

Her haste made her clumsy-she tripped and stumbled forward, almost falling into the girl seated in front of me. Vulnerable, weak. Even more than usual for a human.

I was surprised, watching her stumble through the day-tripping over cracks in the sidewalk, stray books, and, most often, her own feet-that the people I eavesdropped on thought of Bella as clumsy.

It was true that she often had trouble staying upright. I remembered her stumbling into the desk that first day, sliding around on the ice before the accident, falling over the low lip of the doorframe yesterday... How odd, they were right. She was clumsy.

"I'm absolutely ordinary," she explained. "Well, except for the bad things like all the near death experiences and being so clumsy that I'm almost disabled. And look at you."

Note that Bella is clumsy. It's very important we know this.


Onto all the times Edward uses the word "protect"(and it's various forms). It's over thirty times! Here are a few gems:

How ironic that I'd wanted to protect this human girl from the paltry, toothless threat of Jessica Stanley's snide thoughts. I was the last person who would ever stand as a protector for Isabella Swan. She would never need protection from anything more than she needed it from me.

Hadn't I wanted, instinctively, to protect her, too? Before I'd wanted to kill her, that is...

Somewhere during that short thoughtless second when I'd sprinted across the icy lot, I had transformed from killer to protector.

I was not Bella's protector.

For the moment, I could be her unlikely protector.

I would not trespass on her privacy the way the peeping tom would have. I was here for her protection...

The pretty blouse she wore looked too thin to protect her adequately (lolllll)

She was too vulnerable for this world. She needed a protector.

How was I supposed to protect someone determined to be unprotected? (double lollll)


How about the word "fragile"? Lets see what that brings up:

This girl looked more fragile than her new classmates. Her skin was so translucent it was hard to believe it offered her much defense from the outside world.

I was vividly aware of her fragile, breakable body.

Alice, smiling, with her icy white arm around the girl's warm, fragile shoulders.

Her delicate fingers, her fragile wrist.

I would always love this fragile human girl, for the rest of my limitless existence.

She couldn't love me the way I loved her-such an overpowering, all-consuming, crushing love would probably break her fragile body.

I imagined how it would feel to touch the delicate skin that stretched over her cheekbones-silky, fragile.

Bella was like a soap bubble-fragile and ephemeral. Temporary. (HAH!)

As gently as if she were made of the thinnest glass, as if she were fragile as a bubble, my fingers stroked the warm skin that covered her cheekbone.


I could go on and on. What did I learn from Midnight Sun?

-Bella is clumsy, weak, fragile and needs to be protected!
-Edward goes from seriously wanting to kill Bella and all her classmates to being a crazy stalker
-Stalking someone is okay if you're doing it to protect the person you're stalking
-Edward falls in love with Bella for almost no reason. They barely talk and he's thinking he'll love her FOREVER!
-Edward thinks of Bella's classmates as "children". So basically he's a pervert who falls in love with a "child"

I feel bad for Stephanie Meyer that this got leaked on the internet but that doesn't excuse how awful it is. It's bland(I almost fell dead asleep twice), badly written and offensive to human beings.

Edward and Bella came across as absolute dicks who deserve each other. I saw this picture posted on a couple of goodreads updates today and I think it sums up my feelings:

and also, this:


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3.0% ""The empty space where her thoughts should be
irritated and unnerved me.""
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5.0% ""I didn't want to kill this room full of harmless children!" Interesting how he calls people Bella's age "children"..."
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39.0% ""the people I eavesdropped on thought of Bella as clumsy.
I considered that. It was true that she often had trouble staying upright. I remembered her stumbling
into the desk that first day, sliding around on the ice before the accident, falling over the low lip of the
doorframe yesterday... How odd, they were right. She was clumsy."" 5 comments
06/26 page 216
82.0% ""I fall down a lot when I run," she said sheepishly."
06/26 page 216
82.0% ""I fall down a lot when I run," she said sheepishly."
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message 1: by Joyce (new)

Joyce Well, I most definitely won't read this now. Those few sentences just about summed up the whole book. Fragile, stalking, protecting...HAHAHA... Thanks for the heads-up!

message 2: by Lisa (new) - rated it 1 star

Lisa Sometimes having an ebook makes things fun because you can ctrl+f and search for certain words. I was amazed at how much crap I found and so easily!
It's a free book though so if you ever feel like torturing yourself... :P

Yesenia Gonzalez am a twilght fan but this was funny as hell HAHA!!

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