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Loop by Kōji Suzuki
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Dec 09, 2008

it was amazing
bookshelves: reviewed, 10th-grade
Recommended for: everyone :)
Read in November, 2008 , read count: 1 (so far)

** spoiler alert ** This book is breath-takingly amazing. I have never before read a book and learned so much at the same time, without nearly dying of boredom. I keep trying to figure out a way to properly describe what happens in the book, but it's almost impossible. I've never read a more complicated book in my life. I've never read a book that makes more sense than this one. Koji Suzuki is my new hero. The first two books in the series, Ring and Spiral, are a mix of thriller and non-fiction that invoke millions of questions and answer none of them. I thought the third book would be just as ambiguous and unsatisfying in answers, however, I have never been happier to be wrong in my life. Everything is explained, and sometimes the explanations, while they make sense, are so incredible that I had to reread the sentence to make sure I read it right. Basically (very basically), the story is about what happens when an artificail life program is infected with a virus similar to cancer. The first two books take place inside the program, although we don't know it, and the third book is how the virus escaped into the real world. The science used to explain the transition from the artificial world to the real world is so natural that more than once I panicked because I was worried I was simply a computer-generated life-form. So many coincidences contributed to the forming of life, that it seems impossible that it could have happened without the influence of a higher power. We call Him God. But perhaps it's simply a group of scientists that created the proper circumstances. Cancer cells, unlike normal cells, are immortal, and it seems so contradicting that they would kill their host, resulting in their own death. Could cancer cells be the secret to immortality? Kaoru ponders on these questions as he reaches a horrifying discovery about his own identity. I have never been more affected by a book in my entire life. Please read it, if you have a strong stomach, but only after you read the first two books. It's worth it.
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Patrick You might want to put a spoiler warning on this one:)

Andreea Patrick wrote: "You might want to put a spoiler warning on this one:)"

*wince* oops. I'm sorry! Hope I didn't spoil it for you. I fixed it, see? *points to spoiler warning*

Patrick I actually read it a few months ago. I think I figured out the main plot twist early, but it was still jarring and really turned the whole series on its head. It's amazing that a trilogy could just switch genres like that and still work.

Patrick P.S. You should check out his short story collection "Dark Water," it's got some spooky stuff, all dealing with the wonders of H2O.

Andreea >.< i know what you mean. I was expecting another depressing, creepy tale that left more questions than answers. this book wrapped everything up so neatly i expected a bow to materialize on top of the book when i closed it. it's amazing how everything could seem so sci-fi and so natural at the same time :)

Andreea thanks for the suggestion! i'll be sure to check it out!

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