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And Laughter Fell from the Sky by Jyotsna Sreenivasan
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Jun 28, 12

Read on June 24, 2012

I love a book where I can be entertained and learn something at the same time. I knew very little about Indian culture when I started and now I feel as if I have lived with a family for a bit as the story takes place in an Indian-American household where the daughter, Rasika, while born in India is really quite American in her thoughts and ideas. Her deepest wish is to be appreciated for her style and glamour; does it get any MORE American than that? She is reaching the age where her horoscope says it's ideal for her to marry so despite her feelings she is agreeing to an arranged marriage to maintain her image as a good daughter. But she manages to somehow destroy any match brought to her.

Her childhood friend is also removed from what is expected from him by his family. He is very smart yet cannot decide on what he wants to be. He floats through life like a lost frat boy/hippy type with no real purpose. The complete opposite of Rasika with her banking job and glamorous aspirations. But opposites attract, don't they?

It takes a while and a rather contrived and rushed ending to get these two together but they do overcome various familial objections to realize that perhaps they are meant for each other. It was a quick and easy to read book that took some odd detours along the way to the ending. Our hero seems to have a thing for women that can't or won't be monogamous so one must wonder what he sees in Rasika unless it is her penchant for hotel rendezvous with various men.

So I guess I am a bit mixed on this one; I did enjoy reading it but when I stop to think about it I wonder why.

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