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Graduation Day by Ann M. Martin
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Jun 27, 2012

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As someone who grew up with the BSC books, this was pretty damn cool to read! Nice to see them finally come to the end of eighth grade ;) And fun also to see how everyone felt about that - from Stacey actually doubting that they'll all be super-close in high school, to Kristy just not wanting to grow up and move on. (Also, Kristy sounded like a mini Bridget Jones in her diary entries. That was weird.)

Also, I thought Abby was a year younger than them all? Why was she graduating as well? Or am I WAY wrong there? I mean, she came after my time and I don't like her because SHE'S NOT A REAL BABY-SITTER DAMMIT so I only really read one or two of her books and didn't pay that much attention to her ;)

I have to say, I really didn't like the full-chapters entirely in people's handwriting because after ONE page, some people's handwriting becomes a real strain on the eyes. Jessi, I am looking at you. (Wtf kind of eleven year old writes like THAT anyway?!) Her chapter was such a chore to slog though one word at a time... and then it was boring anyway! 100+ books later and Jessi's only point is to be the token black girl, ranting on about racial intolerance. We get it. (Also she's a ballet prodigy, going on a world tour at 11. Sure.) But some of those chapters were typed... why not all, dammit? Also ffs Claudia get a fucking spellchecker on your computer. 100+ books later and I still dislike her poor spelling. It was kind of funny having letters from little kids like Jackie Rodowsky in the book WHO COULD SPELL BETTER THAN CLAUDIA.

Rants aside though, this was fun and quick and a nice send-off. Although I'm really curious now what DOES happen to them all in the future, and I wish there'd been a mini-epilogue, either 4 years in the future when they open their own letters, or 7 when they open the time capsule (again. lol Claire), just to see where they all are and who actually is still friends with whom.

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message 1: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Aw, I liked Abby! Claudia was my favourite but I hated reading her entries. I lost interest in the BSC after reading the first of the "Friends Forever" books... I could add them to my GoodReads now but it'd take forever and I don't really care (or remember what I read and what I didn't).

An epilogue would have been nice. It would make me consider reading this book! xD

Sally Maybe if I'd still been reading when she appeared I'd have liked her more ;) But I'm old school AND Dawn is my favourite so she was like a double-whammy ;)

I only read one or two of the FF books and didn't like them at all :/

message 3: by Lisa (new)

Lisa I'm not sure that I liked Dawn that much - did you ever read the California Diaries about her and her friends? I got a sample off it in a BSC book, but never picked them up.

Yeah, I don't think I liked the FF book that much.

The only one I ever hated was Karen.

Sally Sadly no, was curious but never saw them in the library! I should actively look for them one day. I probably would like them ;)

OMG KAREN. *stabs*

message 5: by Lisa (new)

Lisa I could never bother. There were enough BSC books to be reading without factoring another series into them with a bunch of nobodies and Dawn.

The first book I ever read about her was the only one that didn't have the 'OMG MY NEIGHBOUR'S A WITCHHH" in it, I swear.

Sally I thankfully grew out of the Little Sister books pretty much as soon as I started reading any, so I missed most of that! The only one I can REMEMBER where she went on about her neighbour the witch was I think the first one?

message 7: by Lisa (new)

Lisa YES. My parents wouldn't let me graduate to the BSC as soon as I'd like (I did used to read them under the covers at night, tho). And she turned up in a Super Special going on about how she was going to introduce Stacy to a lady that had diabetes.

Sally Ooooh, you rebel child! :P

Oh my god whyyyy Karen why. Why must you exist.

message 9: by Lisa (new)

Lisa To make Ann M. Martin lots of moneys. I wonder if she's going to do a BSC: Reunion series set when they're all adults...


message 11: by Lisa (new)

Lisa That's probably why she didn't write an epilogue...

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