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The Way of THE WEEKEND WARRIOR by Linton Robinson
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Jun 23, 2012

it was amazing
Read from June 23 to October 09, 2012

This book is a post-modern, post-gonzo cult classic that should be on the reading list of every high-school under-graduate; although don't expect them to turn up to any more lessons afterwards! Those that get it will be heading for the beach with existential zeal, trying to live the life of Wiley (The anarchic heroic / anti-hero of the book) and those that don't, will be rocking in their beds, depressed by the brutal honesty and observation of his drug induced war against the bullshit coma that their parents and peers have embraced leaving them a future selfishly squandered on self-defeating car alarms and an unrequited desire to feel something.

A sharp and accurate satire of the media world, this book actually manages to have this profound and life questioning effect on the reader whilst still satisfying all the generic requirements of a Hollywood drama.

Our hero's in the story stand up for justice, honesty and intelligence and are motivated by these righteous values to fight against the evil forces that wish to stifle them. Our villains, (and there are many) are Machiavellian media accountant types who, motivated by greed and inhumanity, wish to promote anything that lifts the profit margin, irrespective of any merit and, adding insult to injury, are only to happy to perpetuate the consumer coma of the media consuming masses whilst ideally, slashing the workforce (cost) that sustains it at the same time, (if they can get a way with it).

If they aren't villainous enough, how about the religious media mogul retard running the show, who doesn't want the readership to know about the amount of kiddy fiddlers in his particular church lest it make the followers wonder how such 'worthy' and 'god-advised' institutions might chose such human scum as their spiritual leaders.

Like all Hollywood drama, conflict and conspiracy are its meat and drink and this is a feast that will satisfy the hungriest. (The twists at the end are as beautifully ambivalent and up-lifting as any by Sirk or Minelli from 50's Hollywood melodrama) but unlike most, this book, through the regular injection of a nihilist, anarchic, irreverent and insightful 'gonzo' perspective of our society, hilariously dismembers the body politic of the world we live in and buries it six feet under.

I'm not suggesting that we should all become 'Weekend Warriors' like Wiley, the Hunter S Thompson-esque profit at the centre of this excellent novel; who goes to battle the forces of proscribed orthodoxy on our behalf because he is living the nightmare on our behalf.
Ok, I take that back. Maybe we should but, for sanities sake, just on the weekend!

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