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Smart Girls Get What They Want by Sarah Strohmeyer
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Jun 27, 2012

it was amazing
Read from June 23 to 24, 2012

I hadn't heard of this book until it showed up unexpected in my mailbox one day and since it was nearly time for it to be released I figured I'd better get it read. And wow! What an awesome surprise! I totally got into this book right away and fell in love with Gigi and her awesome personality. She's kind of middle of the road as far as her personality goes. She's not afraid to speak up, but she doesn't do so all the time, she sometimes holds it in. But she's the kind of girl I love to read about, she really stood out for me and I absolutely loved her! Yes, she was a little clueless sometimes when it came to boys, but she handled everything pretty good and I loved that she didn't go completely gaga when a boy gave her attention. She did in her head at first, but she didn't really lay it all out, which made her really smart in my book. (Meaning she didn't totally make a fool of herself when she so easily could have.)

What I loved the most was her devotion to her friends. She always put them first. She made some mistakes, but she learned from them immediately and didn't make the same mistake again. She was willing to pretty much do anything for them, even if it basically meant risking her life. Friendships like that are hard to find. I would like Gigi to be my best friend.

The romance in this book is one of those that's a little bit twisty. There are two boys that could be potential love interests and I don't want to give anything away, so I'm going to be vague. But it's not really a love triangle. It's some difficult choices for Gigi though, that's for sure! And the romance, well, it becomes clear how it's going to go and from that point on it's so sweet! Yes, I like the sweet kind of romance. The kind that's not firy passion, but more the quiet 'perfect for each other' kind of thing. Especially when the tension is between the characters for a long time, where you really feel the vibe and just hope your hardest that they'll finally figure it out. It's the kind of romance I like anyway.

I went in knowing nothing about this book so I had zero expectations. But it ended up being a very fun ride. I had plenty of giggles along the way and it was a light, non stressful read. I very highly suggest you pick it up, it's perfect for summer!

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