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Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson
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Dec 09, 2012

did not like it
bookshelves: couldnt-finish

When broken down, this book seems to have a lot of the things i usually love and look for in YA fiction novels (looove revisiting childhood crushes). I just dont think the author did anything with them - ya feel me?

take: the "quirky" family
the main character had a genius 19 year old brother with photographic memory. he was obsessed with the origins of things and is lacking basic social skills. That's all there was to him. those are perhaps faucets of his personality and idiosyncrasies but not his whole identity. similarly the father felt very two dimentional: the only thing i remember about him is that he said "whats the news?" instead of "hello". like, alright cool. but at the end of the day, they were all missing something. something that makes them lovable and human. (want a quirky family? read flat-out love).

The reason this book got a 1 star rating is because the story line is so incredibly stupid.

so basically the main character (MC) returns to her childhood summer home (she left when she was 12 and she's 17 when she returns). MC left behind her first boyfriend(BF) and best friend (BFF) without a proper goodbye or something. so when she comes back BF and BFF are tight and they hate the MC. the MC hints throughout the book that she did something bad. i figure that it must have been REALLY REALLY bad because BF and BFF still hold that grudge 5 years later.

you will find out what the conflict was. and you will want to hit your head against the wall bc it is so - stupid is not extreme enough.. idiotic wont do either.. - so stupid-idiotic-moronic-ridiculous-r u joking rn?- frustrating-just WHAT?

wanna know? bet youre curious. i know i was...

(view spoiler)

c'est ca! THATS IT. 17 year olds. are fighting. over that. what???

theres more but i'd much rather spend my time reading another book
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Davina Finally someone who doesn't find this book worth five stars!! Hw pathetic was the fallout? I thought she'd killed someone the way they all went on about it!

Sahana D that's honestly what i thought happened!

message 3: by Davina (last edited Dec 10, 2012 12:26PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Davina Same, no joke. Such a goddamn anticlimax. Just thinking about it makes me want to throw up.

Zeldabel I totally agree. This was one of those rare books I was simply bored by. I literally made myself finish it.

message 5: by Ann (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ann Warner I think that you might want to work a little harder on your writing. I can't even understand whay you are saying.

Sahana D yeah, i can see that my "review" consists of my half-assed point form notes poorly reformatted into paragraphs but listen i didn't care then and i sure as hell don't care now. here's the thing you should understand - people write reviews for YOUR benefit. do you think i WANT to spend my time writing a thoughtful articulate reflection on what i thought was a shit book? hell no, and you know what i dont feel obligated to. you might find reviewers who do - go follow them bc i dont care about what you do or do not understand!

i really hope you read this book! :)

message 7: by Ann (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ann Warner haha! I totally understand. I do the same thing! anyway actually I didnt really feel like paying seven dollars for this book. So i didnt end up reading it.

Ginny I don't often comment on other reviews, and I noticed that you tagged this book as one you didn't finish, but I can't help but think you didn't really read any of it. A lot of the things you mention as reasons why you didn't like it or couldn't finish it are a little off from what actually happened in the book. I know not everyone likes the same thing, that happens, but I think you missed a lot of what was really there (at least for the parts you read.)

Sahana D Listen Ginny, this book is listen under did not finish so that other readers are warned that my review might miss the finer details you are seemingly so passionate about! I would like to point out that members have agreed with my review so I am inclined to believe that I did in fact read some of the book. But I have no illusions about my abities as a "reviewer", they are ESP limited when I am not interested in the text. So thanks for breaking your habit of not commenting to bring up some excellent points about my review and my credibility as a reviewer! Ta

Rivkasilver Sahana D. You. Are. My. Hero. Here I was, trying to write a review to express my profound annoyance of this book, when I came across your review. Looks like you did it for me. So I'm not gonna rewrite your review, just raise my metaphorical glass out to you. Cheers.

Unnati Thank you Sahana. I agree with Musia. The much publicized 'tear jerking' effects were missing for me and made me wonder whether I was the one with blocked tear ducts but after reading your review,I can relax instead of troubling my ophthalmologist.

Sylvia Carlson Just saying, i'm about the same age as these characters and if my best friend or boyfriend left without saying goodbye and didn't contact me for 5 years and then just shows up again, I would be pretty mad at them. I thought their responses were completely justified. Taylor's sudden departure was especially hard for Lucy and Henry because both of them had something big happen that summer with their families. It was a bad summer for them so I think that even added more to the grudge they hold against her.

Rivkasilver Hi Sylvia. I'm also the same age as the characters in this book (teenage girls on Goodreads, let's unite!) and your point is a valid one. STILL-I don't know if you read the book or not, but- the amount of buildup and anticipation for the big bad act from five summers ago didn't match the stupid mistake that our main character made when she was twelve.

Catherine White This book was kind of awful. I wholeheartedly agree with this review.

message 15: by Noa (new) - rated it 2 stars

Noa Benveniste I totally agree with you. I also usually like love stories because I am that sappy person, but I had a lot of trouble finishing this book. I found that I did not have any sort of emotional connection with the characters in this book and I think that is what made it boring for me. Also now that you mention that the characters are 17 years old, I think this book is worse than I initially thought it was, because while I was reading it, I genuinely thought the characters were like 13, because that's the way they acted, but I guess that couldn't be true since Taylor's friend Lucy was getting drunk at parties, they could all drive, and the math would not have been right. I was also so confused at the beginning of the book, because for the longest time, the author would not say what exactly happened 5 years ago, and my reaction was also the same when I finally found out what it was. Nevertheless, I found the flashbacks very helpful. I found this book very tidy as well. Since there wasn't that much emotion, everything fit perfectly together, i.e. she and her old best friend were best friends again and she got back together with her old boyfriend. I would have thought that everything should have been really awkward between the three of them. Also the ending was too perfect and I didn't like it at all because it was too "the end" I guess. I don't know how to explain it. I mean she and Henry basically live happily ever after and "the end". See what I mean? Also what should have taken me a couple of weeks to finish took me about a month and I was glad when I finished it.

Amanda I keep coming back to your review that yes I know is a couple of years old, but I just finished this book and I don't think you got one of the main reasons why her friends weren't too happy with her. Yes there was the whole BF and BFF thing but it was mostly due to her just taking off and not talking to them for 5 years. If she stuck around yes maybe they would have fought for awhile but they would get over it but I know what its like when close friends get into a fight and one just runs away. It is not a good feeling and yes I am still not friends with this person because of the way I was treated and if you want to think that makes me stupid then you can but you don't know what it feels like. With that being said you can have whatever opinion you want about anything. It won't change my life I just felt like I needed to comment on it because I kept coming back to it.

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