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Cinder by Marissa Meyer
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Apr 24, 13

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Read from December 15 to 20, 2012

Final rating: ★★★★/★★★★★


Considering the fact that Cinder is a retelling of Cinderella in dystopia, it was actually more than i expected. And it's also one of the rare dystopias where the setting is not in America, but in Asia, and in New Beijing, where whole Asia united into a Empire called Commonwhealth. The other continents did as well, though only the CW was empire. This i liked, but i also loved the idea that the moon got the name "Luna" and that the people there, Lunar, were not quite right (who have mind control, hell yeah, and whom the Earthlings are very afraid of). So, to avoid the inevitable war, Prince Kaito must ally with Lunar Queen Levana (who is quite a b****). And in the meantime, there is a incurable plague taking lives of citizens in high numbers.

And in the meantime we have mechanic cyborg called Cinder who is our Cinderella of the story. Though the story was somewhat predictable, i just didn't care for it, because i cared for characters more. And also, this was told from third point of view with alternating povs (which is another big + from me). And it's recommended to read Glitches first.

Oh and there was a scene that i was quite fascinated with so i was like:

Characters :

This is Cinder:

Cinder is a cyborg with amnesia, with many problems and with a step mother which is abusive and 2 step sisters. One i didn't like, and one was ok. usual, every bad thing that happens (where you throw in some hate) is directed toward Cinder, so yeah, poor girl. But she managed to deal with it, and she is more human than she thought. I liked her a lot. Though, i could really guess easily who she was so i thought that part was predictable as hell, but other than that, she is amazing character.

Prince Kai, on the other hand is the type you wanna shake and hug and say everything is ok xD (well, Cinder is one of those as well). He was burdened with the fact that he had to rule at such young age and that he had to make decisions best for his country, therefore betraying his heart and his beliefs. But did he?
Anyway, i liked the flirting between him and Cinder and i found them both to be absolutely cute together (throw in some conspiracies, some Lunars,some powers and cyborgs and some hate and positions and whatever else that can be thrown at them).

Anyway, that crazy doctor was one of the people i liked. Also, i liked Iko, robot who was actually thinking she was human-and who i think got the role of fairy godmother. Hm.......... :D
Though, Adri, the stepmother was such bitch i just couldn't understand. Oh common, you can't just be that bitchy, right? I hoped she would change, but nooooooooooooo. The same goes for Pearl. But Peony was alright, i didn't like her, but i didn't hate her as well, and she is the only person Cinder liked (She loves Iko)
Queen Levana - she must die, she irritates me so much. Oh and she stands in their way! Someone do something, but i still believe:


Overall :

very interesting book, i can't wait for Scarlet, especially after reading The Queen's Army.

And i just can't help it, but this is so ironical picture in Cinderella story: (it's not big spoiler, it was bound to happen)
(view spoiler)


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Blacky *Romance Addict* Awesome review K!

Kristalia Blacky wrote: "Awesome review K!"

Thanx dear <3

Rosalinda *KRASNORADA* Fantastic review. OMG I love that cat hahaha x

Kristalia thank youuuuuuu (which one :D?)

Rosalinda *KRASNORADA* The first one with his mouth open hahahhahahah soooooooo funny!

Kristalia Ahhhhhh that one was gorgeoouuuuuuuus :D

message 7: by Liz (new) - rated it 5 stars

Liz Awesome review!:D I love the pictures!

Kristalia ty Liz <3

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kristina This sounds good!! Great review Kris!

Kristalia thanx Kris :D
oooooooh i cant wait for you to read it :D

"That's All" Ash Your review?


Awesome job, girl!!


Basuhi Awesome review, Kristalia !
I have this but just can't make up my mind to read it yet.
But now it looks like I have to read it soon :)

Kristalia Ash ~ The Book Snob wrote: "Your review?


Awesome job, girl!!


hehehehe thank you :D

Kristalia Basuhi wrote: "Awesome review, Kristalia !
I have this but just can't make up my mind to read it yet.
But now it looks like I have to read it soon :)"

you should read these, you won't regret :D

Kristalia Soraya Naomi wrote: "Wonderful again babe!! I can't help myself but to click on the spoilers, it's a sickness of mine hahhaha"

hahahahahaha at least it was nothing serious XD
i like doing that sometimes too :D

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Lisa Awesome review!

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