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Divergent by Veronica Roth
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Mar 11, 14

bookshelves: fantasy
Read from June 22 to 29, 2012 21 Mar 2014 film. "Divergents" are people whose have abilities for more than one faction. Like Hunger Games, Harry Potter, and many YA future dystopias, child at 16 chooses the Dauntless (courage), from five faction values: Abegnation (selfless) where born, Amity (peace), Candor (truth), or Erudition (intelligence). Tris, in first person, overcomes daily dangers, reveals an underlying high-level evil conspiracy, and finds love.

Divergents threaten the authorities, because they can distinguish reality from simulation. That should betray her. I dislike virtual battles. I like straightforward believable - rough stuff and soft both. Except for cliff-hanger, I look forward to more. The series starts well enough, but sequel is mostly unhappy, cannot "like".

Beatrice renames herself Tris, and her first impression of Four 18 p247, her group's teacher nicknamed for his lowest number of fears, gives away her feelings. His eyes "are dark blue, a dreaming, sleeping, waiting color." p59 "I feel the pressure of his palm even after he's gone." p85 He tries to warn "It is more important for you to be safe than right" p286 Like the best mysteries, we hear his true identity briefly, inconspicuously, at the beginning, secret till p329/487. The "love" aspect is strong here when not overdone, slight shivers when they exchange looks, tentative first touches.

Her friends Christina, Will, and Al are also her competitors, and her defense against sadistic student Peter. Evil Dauntless leader Eric is in cahoots with Erudite leader Jeanine, developer of the simulation serum that tricks brains, for training and worse, to take down the world leaders, all incorruptible Abegnation. Intricate chemical mind control from distant central computer, switching friends for enemies, stretches believability. A little situation humor balances with the scary. Morality lessons are low-key.

C: "What is it with you today?"
T: "Oh, you know. Sun shining, Birds chirping."
"She raises an eyebrow at me, as if reminding me that we are in an underground tunnel." p339

"Selflessness and bravery aren't that different." p396
"No one's perfect. It doesn't work that way. One bad thing goes away, and another bad thing replaces it. I traded cowardice for cruelty; I traded weakness for ferocity." p405

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