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The Breakaway by Michelle D. Argyle
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Apr 08, 2013

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"Falling in love with one of her kidnappers is probably the most dangerous thing Naomi could ever do, but she can’t get over the fact that her parents have never paid attention to her and her boyfriend punched her in the face the night before she was abducted. For the first time in her life she’s part of a family — even if it’s a family of criminals. Escape isn’t so high on her list as she’s forced to choose between parents and a boyfriend who never really loved her — or a family of thieves who say they only want to make her happy."

My thoughts after reading this description:

I definitely don't plan on wasting my time reading this. She falls in love with her kidnapper all because she wants to be loved since her boyfriend punched her in the face the night before. I'm seriously dying of laughter. Is this book going to be a comedy?

I know I shouldn't judge since I've never read the book, but really? That description is enough for me. Not only that but she has to choose: her family and boyfriend or a house full a criminals who snatched her ass up? I dunno guys, I'm on a latter here. They both sound so charming...

i'm so mean. i know. i'm surprised i haven't been punched in the face yet lol ohmygody'allseewhatididthere?!

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