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Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo
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Jun 21, 2012

it was ok

I found pieces of this book very emotionally moving and convincing. The way he wept over the sister he met in heaven and the reaction of his mother who had lost her years ago absolutely killed me. The tenderness and childlikeness displayed throughout the prose was very thoughtful. Yet there were certain passages that left me questioning it's authenticity.

I want to believe that the son was completely unhindered in what he saw but some of his descriptions sound like classic bible school teachings. (Jesus in white with a purple sash and everyone has wings). Those things I could have done without because it makes me wonder how much he genuinely witnessed.

I believe the authors are real people recounting a beautiful event. How much is really heaven and how much is just a child musing can only be weighed by the bible and where this book lines up or misses the mark with scripture. That's the only way I think anyone can bring judgement against it or that I can be convinced of its truthfulness. Overall I appreciated how much Heaven is for Real reminded me about the gentleness of God and how perfectly He is able to turn tragedy into healing in areas his family never expected. That is our God.
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message 1: by Matt (new) - rated it 1 star

Matt So you see through the complete irrationality of the book and you choose to believe it anyways as long as it "meshes with scriptures"? Of course parts of it will mesh with scriptures, the kid was raised with a PASTOR as his father. Find me a child who had never even heard of christianity, raised in a buddhist temple in Tibet, and then see if his near-death experience shares even a word in common with "scriptures". Hint: it won't, because every near-death experience in human history has directly reflected the religious beliefs of the culture in which it occurred. Amazing how everyone who ever had a near-death experience in ancient Greece met Zeus, Hermes, Mars, Hades, Charon, etc. and yet not a single one mentions anything even remotely like Christianity. Wonder why that is...?

Jaelle Hamann Considering this is a Christian book professing to shed light on the Christian idea of heaven then yes,I would have to match the content of the book with what the scripture says about heaven. Where the discrepancies lie is where the truth lies. If it was a Hindu or Islamic book I'd hope the people practicing those beliefs would do the same. This isn't an argument about religion. My remark is about not getting carried away by a heartwarming story into places where you're compromising inerrant, foundational truths of what you believe. Is that wrong?

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