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Troy DeNuthe's World of Ice Cubes by Troy DeNuthe
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message 1: by Michael Fierce (new)

Michael Fierce ....?!?

Ryan Zimmerman Carstairs Yea, I know!
I don't have a clue either - but it looks Fun.

message 3: by Michael Fierce (new)

Michael Fierce I couldn't help messin with you yesterday. If I ever put a book like that in my library I EXPECT you to give me a little flack! Thus, my recommendations to you. All in fun OF COURSE! :)
With that said, after reading the synopsis, the book does sound surprisingly good. I probly won't read it, but it just goes to show that almost anything can be good if written well.

Ryan Zimmerman Carstairs No problems, I kind if figured that was the case.
Still I am not normal, and a couple of those looked like books my youngest would like. He loves origami.
Shoot, one of my friends here does nothing but review monster porn; stuff I will never read, have no interest it. But her reviews are so well written, and so funny – worth knowing people out their want that kind of weirdness.
Be well.

message 5: by Michael Fierce (new)

Michael Fierce You too. Just so you know, I intentionally picked the napkin and toilet paper thing becuase despite being silly in some ways, are both critically acclaimed somewhat artistic books! The Ice Cube book, on the other hand, was just to tie it all in. Your friend sounds interesting though I will have to say, like you, I wouldn't read that stuff either. One friend I have here, I call The Queen Bee. She literally reviews books every day, and is an editor, and must have over 10,000 books in her library that I get updated on at least twice a day. But, she's hella cool and about 1/3 of our tastes are the same, so on top of all the stuff I find on my own bcoz I'm more obsessed w/ books than the average worm, she turns me onto a whole slew of stuff I'd be into. I have tbh, Goodreads is ALL THAT and a dollar more, free extra cheese. Uh. Don't axe what I meant by that!(?) Take care!

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