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Playing with Tigers by S.  Hart
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Figured I would write a quick review... So as the blurb says, Keel is taken by the Sarketh Empire as payment for a debt that his father took out. The Sarketh Empire is a matriarchal society where women are the warriors/leaders/etc. We don't really get to see much of how men fit into the society save what Keel is exposed to. Keel is taken for the Palace Harem because of his unique coloring, which makes him a bit of an oddity. He's basically a slave until he pays off his debt and in the harem he pays it off with prostitution. Clients send offers and he can pick who he wants to go with. So, there is mf relations, and since he's part of an all male harem as well there is also mm relations going on. While there is a bit of palace intrigue that laces the background plot of the book together, for the most part its about Keel's induction and acceptance into the life of a palace whore, and his individual experiences and relationships with some of the women. Every client has a bit of a kink but it doesn't go too far, more of an exploration of what gets some women/men off. He does get solid love interests (both male and female!) in this book, but not going to say any more on that because of spoilers.

As for my opinion on the book, I felt there was WAYYYY too much sex, and while it does make sense since he's in harem, it got stale fast. At about the 60% stage (on a kindle) I was just wanting for it to wrap up the plot. The book wrapped up rather well, satisfactory with a hint of question about the future, but no need for a sequel (but leaves room for one if so desired). The main character, Keel, while reluctant, seemed to entrance everyone he met... kinda unrealistic imo. As for the sex content, there are dubcon scenes and a rape scene in the book. With the division between mm and mf sex, I would say its about half and half with a few mmf or mfm scenes in there too. So if you don't like your lady bits and male bits all jumbled together, probably isn't the book for you. That being said its $0.99 on Amazon for like 400 pages and an ok read. *shrugs * :P
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