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Addicted to You by Bethany Kane
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Jul 05, 12

bookshelves: contemporary-romance, erotica, romance, adult-steamy
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Recommended for: Contemporary-romance, erotica readers
Read from July 03 to 04, 2012, read count: 1

4.5 stars!

SERIOUSLY?!? Rill and Katie give new meaning to the word “multiples”! Im totally impressed!

The Rundown:
Sultry Irish film director, Rill Peirce, has thrown himself into seclusion after his wife’s death and has become a drunken recluse for the past 18 months. Barely able to leave his dilapidated house for more than food and alcohol, he’s known around town as the grouch who lives on the hill.

Tax attorney Katie Hughes has decided Rill has been in hiding long enough. Her long time crush for her childhood friend has sent her into the hills of Vulture’s Canyon to get Rill sober, clean and writing again. Along with trying to get Rill to rejoin society, she’s also decided she needs to make some changes of her own and find fulfillment with her own life, so she’s quit her job and is in search for her next big project.

Only when she gets there, she realizes she might have bitten off more then she can chew. Rill’s drunken behavior sets things into motion on her first day in town that will change both their lives forever. Katie’s not sure even she can save Rill, but one thing is for sure, she’s NOT leaving until she can get through to him.

The Review:
This book had me pulsating from beginning to end! From the very first page, we are introduced to a very primal, animalistic male lead! Rill thinks he’s a flagrant miscreant steeped in debauchery who’s trying to abjure himself in seclusion since his wife’s death eighteen months prior. Guilt ridden and binging on alcohol, he’s given up all pretense of life outside the bottle. In walks an uninvited Katie, a childhood friend, and sparks immediately fly. Katie, at this point is just holding on for all she’s worth even while enjoying Rill’s sybaritic ways! They fight, they make out and they are hedonistic.

This story was well written and very satisfying on all points. It had a true romance with tender as well as salacious scenes and lots of character development. Katie and Rill both have pasts they need to put to rest and a future to find. I loved the small town of Vulture’s Canyon with its colorful cast of characters. There was a back story going on while Rill and Katie were finding each other that was both interesting and exciting.

The Wrap Up:
What a hot, steamy, addictive read! I couldn't put it down. It was purely self-indulgent and oh so worth the eye strain from reading it in one setting! Im officially a fan and can’t wait to dig into another book by this author! I’ll definitely put this book in my “re-read” pile to come back to time and again.
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Keren How are you liking it?

Hazel G. (I ♥ Mancandy) *Craves the Angst Reviews* . Keren wrote: "How are you liking it?"

I like it so far, but Im only about 40 pages in. I was out all day today so I haven't been able to read as much as I wanted. It definitely opens up on a steamy note so Im anxious to see where it goes. :)

Keren Don't forget to update after you read the sex on a swing scene :)

Hazel G. (I ♥ Mancandy) *Craves the Angst Reviews* . LOL! Im about to sit down with more of this book. I left off at the part where the Everett just shows up calling out their names. I had to put it down long enough to order pizza cuz I refused to cook, I was so interested in reading more. The hubs was not pleased ;) I seriously want sex on a swing so I hope its soon.. Ha!

Keren Tell him that he is going to be really pleased after you are done reading it... ;)

Hazel G. (I ♥ Mancandy) *Craves the Angst Reviews* . Keren wrote: "Tell him that he is going to be really pleased after you are done reading it... ;)"

Ok, its official, I am sooo installing a tree swing in my back yard immediately!!!! Oh MY!! That scene will definitely make the hubs smile tonight ;)

Keren LOL!!!

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