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Visions of Heat by Nalini Singh
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Jun 21, 2012

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Then it must just be me. I cannot tell you the last time I read such an unbelievably strong beginning and then almost an utter flop on the second. What's wrong with me??? :D

I found zero chemistry between this pair. And I don't mean sexually, either. Lucas and Sascha were drawn to each other; a palpable feeling. I found myself bored by this pairing.

I'm with Miranda in that I thought the NetMind was fascinating!! I was more eager to learn about its communication than read about Vaughn and Faith coming together.

It's kind of driving me crazy that I'm alone in this opinion. And I swear there's nothing going on personally that could affect my interpretation of this book. I won't be deterred by this, I assure you. Singh impresses me and I long to jump back in to the passion inspired by Lucas and Sascha.

Boo on me?
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Miranda Of course no boo on you my Dear Carmen. If I had read Caressed by Ice first, I possibly only would have given this one four stars because Lord. That book was beyond amazing, and at a whole different level than Visions of Heat. I will keep the five star rating because honestly...Vaughn is simply divine. I love that wildman.

Carmen Pacheco OMG, I am soooo happy to hear you rating it so highly. I remain committed to the series. Having just read Cannibal Princess, I know it was just a short story, I am happy to remain interested in the series.

How far along are you???

Miranda I am on page 30 of Mine to Possess (4th installment) I have devoured three books of this series in 10 days. It has been a long while since I have found a series that has stirred my emotion, and fascination to this degree.

Jules cressall Carmen, I agree that my fascination was on Singh's description of this world and many of the supporting cast. I enjoyed Vaughn and Faith, but viewed it as part two of Slave to Sensation!

Carmen Pacheco Caressed by Ice, right??? HOOKED....CANNOT STOP READING THIS GEM!!!!! I SO want Judd to be my own Psy! :D

Barb Lie what am i missing. I liked Faith and Vaughn. Are you telling me some one read this out of order who. I liked Faith...Carmen :(

Carmen Pacheco Not really, Barb. I ready the short story about Lucas and Sascha AFTER Vaughn and Faith's. But I have to be honest: I enjoyed it MORE than Vaughn and Faith. :( They just didn't do a thing for me.

Judd and Brenna now....GOOD GOD, I WANT THAT PSY!!!!!!

Barb Lie now Carmen you need to be open minded. Just because they may not measure up to Lucas and Sascha, or Judd and Brenna, or Hawke and Sienna....doesn't mean they are not good together. I liked most. I enjoyed Faith and Vaughn, Dorian and Ashaya, Mercy and Riley, Drew and Indigo. I'm probably missing someone, but Nalini is so good with her couples.

Miranda I loved Vaughn and Faith. Really enjoyed Visions of Heat. Im surprised that you didnt swoon for Vaughn Carmen, but different strokes. :) Now I would have had to feel your forehead if you didnt swoon for Judd. *snort*

message 10: by Barb (new) - rated it 5 stars

Barb Lie i loved it too. really liked faith. carmen didnt like faith.

Carmen Pacheco Yeah...I just didn't feel anything but a need to finish the book. :( But never mind that....JUDD....TOOK OVER THE LEAD. Lucas has become #2. OMG...just finished Judd and Brenna's freaking die for!!!!!!!!!

Miranda Brace yourself for Mine to Possess than my Dear Carmen, because the need to finish is what I felt during that read. Which was tough to swallow after the incredible high left within me from Caressed by Ice. I am very happy to be with Dorain at last. :)

message 13: by Joan (last edited Jun 25, 2012 11:45AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Joan I absolutely loved Faith and Vaughn, Faith was so innocent and scared to let go but when she finally trusted her jaguar, she jumped in full force and never looked back. I'm so thrilled that Faith and Brenna are good friends.

Carmen, take heed and caution with Mine to Possess, it's deflating after the elation of Judd and Brenna. Tallin was the only major disappointment in the entire series for me, but Dorian and Ashaya totally makes up for it in bucketfuls!

Miranda, I am so happy that Hostage to Pleasure is restoring your excitment and pleasure for the series. It is an awesome love story and plotline.

Carmen Pacheco Like I told Miranda on your CF wall, Joan: Watch ME the sole jackass who LOVES Clay and Tallin....lmao....Since I was left uninspired with Faith and just don't know what to expect out of me. I'm like that. :D

message 15: by Joan (last edited Jun 26, 2012 04:32PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Joan Carmen wrote: "Like I told Miranda on your CF wall, Joan: Watch ME the sole jackass who LOVES Clay and Tallin....lmao....Since I was left uninspired with Faith and just don't know what to expect ou..."

Carmen, it's just fine if Tally appeals to you, we all have our likes and dislikes. Most P-C readers dislke her because of the way she treats Clay and for selling herself so cheap. The only human heroine and she would be the weak, whiney, slutty one. But you just might find her a sympathetic character.

I just prefer warm, compassionate females who show genuine affection for their mates. I prefer the Psy females because they come to the relationship untainted and with a sense of wonder and adventure.

Carmen Pacheco I'm excited to get back on the series! I will take everyone's comments under advisement and will make my own conclusions and share ASAP!!! ;)

message 17: by Joan (new) - rated it 5 stars

Joan Carmen wrote: "I'm excited to get back on the series! I will take everyone's comments under advisement and will make my own conclusions and share ASAP!!! ;)"

Carmen, I can't wait for your reaction to HtP!

Carmen Pacheco Still not there! ;( Soon! ;)

message 19: by Jess (last edited Nov 28, 2012 06:08PM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Jess I actually did see some chemistry but I felt like the couple took a back seat to all the Net Mind exposition, lol. Maybe if I had read the series in order I would have been more interested, but since I didn't, it felt like covering old ground that I already knew so I was bored. I also felt plot wise it was too similiar to StS.

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