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Something Deadly This Way Comes by Kim Harrison
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Aug 03, 12

really liked it
Read from June 21 to August 03, 2012

I gotta say I enjoyed this book. This series (somewhat) defines light v. dark, good v. evil (of a kind), and while you think that sometimes things that SEEM "black and white" are clearly defined, they aren't, much like life. Madison (the heroine in this series) is not your typical teenager: killed in a car accident, she winds up becoming a 'reaper', taking souls before their time so that they don't become "stained" or "tainted" with darkness, and go to Heaven; but she is attacked by 'dark reapers': formless, thoughtless blobs of pure darkness that tear apart souls that are "unworthy" of Heaven, and destroyed. In this book, she is restored to her physical body (that was taken from her in the first book and hidden in a pocket of time, neither decayed or tampered with) and must make a choice to become truly human and give up saving people from a fate worse than Death itself, or stay how she is, and make a difference? Great book, but to truly understand it all (such as the 'inside jokes', you have to have read the other two, as this is NOT a 'stand alone' book. Great read anyway, and makes you think....

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