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Now and Forever by Ray Bradbury
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Oct 23, 08

did not like it
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I listened to the first novella, and a bit of the second one. Then I gave up.

"Somewhere a Band Is Playing" is horrible. It sounds like a kid's first short story he ever wrote. It's juvenile and trite, and to top it all off, doesn't make much logical sense. An example: the narrator tells us that he had a "vision" of a poem, so he just wandered onto a train, and found this weird town. Later we find that he visited the town because it's going to be demolished by a planned highway. Nevermind that that's not the way these things are done -- why did he lie to us, the readers? I'm familiar with the concept of an unreliable narrator, and if he had given a mundane reason for the visit, and later we find out there's a more mystical one -- interesting. But to go the other way? Just confusing and stupid.

There's also a lot of details surrounding the "secret" of the town that don't make sense. It's possible that I'm so familiar with the conceit, which is a popular one in "scifi" sort of stuff, that I'm looking for the cliche' "rules" to apply to the situation. And maybe those rules don't HAVE to apply. But . . . I don't think so.

It tries to feel ethereal and mysterious, but it's just predictable and boring.


As I said, I didn't listen too much to the "Moby Dick in Space" story. The beginning scenes didn't interest me, so I didn't waste my time.

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