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Serpent's Kiss by Melissa de la Cruz
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Jun 21, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: 2012, chick-lit
Read from June 21 to 23, 2012

I don't know what exactly it is about Melissa de la Cruz that I love so much, but I suppose it goes hand in hand with my love of creative YA books. I read her Au Pairs series a while ago followed by 'Angels on Sunset Boulevard' (which I thought was very inventive and wish she would have explored a little more) and like them well enough but it wasn't until last summer that I randomly picked up the 'Blue Bloods' series and became obsessed. Okay, so yes, I'm way to old for this stuff but with her penchant for layering mythology on top of mythology I really can't help myself. The Witches of East End series is a sort of spin off from Blue Bloods. That is to say, they exist in the same universe and while witch Freya Beauchamp made an appearance in a Blue Bloods story, Blue Bloods characters Oliver Hazard-Perry and Mimi Force made their way into the first novel, 'Witches of East End'. And while the Blue Bloods series is about fallen angels living out their immortal lives as vampires in this world, the Witches of East End series is about Norse gods living out their immortal lives trapped in Midgard after the destruction of the bofrir (which is really the Bifröst, I have never heard the term bofrir before and apparently neither has google), the bridge between Midgard (earth) and Asgard. We don't find this out until nearly the end of the first book though. Perhaps their were clues I didn't really pick up one (I mean, the name Freya for one...) but I doubt I was the only one. I would have been much more apt to pick it up if I'd known they were more than just... witches.

After the events of the first book have calmed it looks like things are on even keel for witches Joanna, Ingrid, and Freya. But with the return of Freya's twin brother who'd been lost to Limbo, framed for the bofrir's destruction, a group of amnesiac pixies, two suitors for mother Joanna, and an over anxious spirit trying to get into contact things are all set to get complicated again. And boy do they. While reading several people asked me to plot and I found I really couldn't get into it without going on and on and on. Which is obviously ridiculous so we'll leave any summery at that.

De la Cruz is, if anything, very clever. She's clearly done a lot of research into Norse mythology for this series but I have to sort of wonder sometimes which sources she's using. A lot of times her plot points don't match up to the mythology I'm aware of. Now, of course, she's an author and she needs to license, but sometimes I have to wonder why.

The writing is top notch for this sort of thing. She wont be winning any awards in masterful word play but she trusts her audience enough not to insult them. This isn't great literature, it's great fun and, thankfully, de la Cruz is aware of that.

The Witches series is supposed to be geared to a more adult audience than Blue Bloods and at points you can see that. There's some profanities and scenes of a sexual nature, but I honestly don't think this isn't something most readers of Blue Bloods have seen before. And perhaps it's best for de la Cruz to stick to what she knows best, the Young Adult market. But either way this book was very entertaining, I couldn't wait to find out what happens next. Unfortunately I have to wait a year. Or... half a year for the Blue Bloods conclusion. I guess I should be please she doesn't crank them out as fast as others, her imagination and writing are good enough to wait for.
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