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Ten Things We Did by Sarah Mlynowski
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Jun 21, 2012

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My feelings are mixed. Thus, I shall now bullet point the thoughts I'm having. The following list is full of spoilers: consider yourself warned.

-How likely is it that this would actually happen? I don't care how sneaky the characters were; I'm not buying the idea that April's dad bought it.

-Massive high school booze parties. Everything I know tells me these never actually happened. There is a part of me going, "But you were such a loser, you never would have known, anyway." So now I'm massively curious about just how much of high school I was oblivious to.

+They saved the kitty!

-They had sex like bunnies.

+They tried to be responsible about their bunny-sex.

+They actually proved themselves to be pretty responsible; they bought food, they ate, they cleaned and did dishes and laundry, they must have paid the bills, they kept up with their homework (though readers rarely see these behaviors).

-/-/+Hot tub. Three weeks ago, this would have been all (-), but then I visited a friend whose apartment building has a hot tub, and I was cold, and it was glorious (+). So now I can't decide. However, I don't feel they should have gotten it if they didn't actually have the money they used to pay for it (-) (yet), and they got a pink one. (-) Ew. Thus, -/-/+

-Hot tub care = they didn't.

-April failed at the responsible sex bit.

+Mlynowski keeps the sex bits off the page. Thank you. I do not need to know every last detail.

-Overall lack of repercussions. Sure, (view spoiler)

-The ending. (view spoiler) Thus, dislike.

Conclusion: 9 (-)es and 5 (+)es. I don't approve of these girls as role models for other girls that age, and because they get away with everything, I don't approve of this book as a cautionary tale against this kind of behavior. The irresponsible-teenagers-can-be-responsible idea is an interesting paradox, but I don't think it's enough to make me approve. I enjoyed reading it, but I'd be afraid that the modern teenager would read this, say "I want to be that awesome!" and then throw a massive high school party the next time his/her parents are out of town.

Enjoyment rating: 4
Moral compass rating: 1
+/- bullet point rating: 2
Overall: 2.33333... I'll be nice and round up instead of down.
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