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The Indigo Spell by Richelle Mead
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Jun 20, 2012

it was amazing
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Ok people. OK YOUR HEAR ME? This book, and the mind that created such an addicting series I had to call work saying i'd be late! Oh woman, how could you do this to ME?! You have left me with such incredible anticipation for THE FIERY HEART that i'm literally tearing my skin into little balls of fists at the wait! THE INCREDIBLY LONG 8 MONTH WAIT! And yes, I know i'm not the only one feeling the same inexplicable feeling, but it still feels good to express such obsessive standards in my mind and soul. Ok ok ok, i'd love to tell you all my thoughts and expressions about this book, even though you already know my thoughts and expressions ;)

Ok. Sydney has finally broken out of her outer ego alchemy shit pro show of an anonymous extraterrestrial brainwashed head, and yes, I do mean that in a good way. What i'm trying to say is that i'm finally appreciative of her in my final guessing games of judgement, because she was a bit stuck up, ok, maybe abnormally stuck up about her alchemist shit. She has finally become a real person, accepting all fates and possibilities that all endings will end in shame and hatred, knowing that her love for Adrian will never ever cease to exist. Was it the ink that changed her? Finally snapping her out of her tattoos magic sublimations? Or was it her own mind and strong will that helped more than that ink did? I'm still not fully sure if it was the inks doing, but i'll soon see in the Fiery Heart.

Adrian, oh Adrian, why are you such a babe? Why, in all my teenage years have I never met an Adrian? I'm still 17, and my dreaming of meeting someone like Adrian is still relevant to the point of reality ;) hehe. But oh, wasn't he just amazing in this book? Wasn't he just the knight in shining armour Sydney just needed? Without Adrian, Sydney would still be in her comatose state of alchemist stuck upness (I'm not sure that's a word? haha). He really is her anchor and her saviour, he has made her see complete reality in vampires and strigoi alike. Knowing things are not as they seem. To me, he is the books anchor as well.

Ok, that little dragon Sydney created was so FRIKKEN cute and adorable!

My other thoughts? A completely amazing book that will always exist in an incredible world of minds. 5 stars, if possible, 100 stars. Have a good day my little fans haha ;)
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