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A Hunger So Wild by Sylvia Day
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Jun 20, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: angels, shapeshifters, vampires, paranormal-romance
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In A Hunger So Wild "the enemy of my enemy" is not exactly a friend but an ally born of mutual necessity. The Fallen (vampires) need daylight hunters to help them search for the cause of a virulent disease that is decimating their ranks and the Lycans have the time but need what the Fallen have to offer in order to keep their newly forming packs free from their Sentinel (angelic) former bosses. So the Fallen and the Lycans team up and vampire Vashti becomes liaison to the Lycans, despite the fact the she hates 'dogs' for killing her mate and must deal directly with their alpha, Elijah, who she's sworn to kill for a more recent crime. And Vashti is on Elijah's kill list as well for murdering his best friend, but they'll work together for now, kill each other when they're done, and lust with a wild feral hunger for each other in the meantime.

A Hunger So Wild was so good. There is a decent amount of touch up with the past leads, Lindsay and Adrian, from the first book A Touch of Crimson, since the background story involves a conspiracy that impacts all three of the groups with past and present angelic ties. And I liked that there is good amount of development of relationships beyond the romantic ones in the cast – Elijah's friendship with Lindsay, Fallen leader Sayre's with Vashti, and a newly developing connection between Sayre and the fledgling who formerly housed the soul of his nephalim daughter.

I also really liked the enemies to lovers romance between Vashti and Elijah. There's a intense, wild, and almost feral chemistry between these leads. However, with two strong and dangerous beings who value control in the mix and so many reasons why a relationship between them is wrong – personal baggage and tested loyalties both - the course of their relationship is far from smooth (and their physical connection starts off with a scene that transitions briefly into iffy consent. ) But the conflicted lustiness makes for some very steamy times between them and I liked the final resolution for the pair in which they make a place for their relationship in a world where their pairing doesn't fit nicely.

For those curious about whether author Day ties the two Renegade shorts into the main story line, both of the pairings from those stories (A Dark Kiss of Rapture and A Caress of Wings) are mentioned briefly, but Raze's looks to be still in progress. Oh and for fans of Day's Marked series (Eve of Destruction, Eve of Chaos, Eve of Darkness) – which shares the same world as this series – there is a brief cameo by Eve, that series' heroine which is fun, but not enough to really catch up with her.

So, I really liked this steamy and satisfying addition to Day's Renegade Angel series and am really curious about how the background plot is going to unfold and I am also really looking forward to seeing Sayre in the lead – Day did a really good job of whetting my appetite for more of his character.
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Sylvia Day
“ showed me what love truly is just by giving yours so selflessly. I wasn't made for love. It wasn't [woven]into the fabric of my being. I didn't know what it was, what I was looking for, what I needed. I had no point of reference, no examples, nothing. Until you.”
Sylvia Day, A Hunger So Wild

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06/21/2012 page 133
36.0% "The attraction between Fallen (vampire) Vashti and Lycan alpha Elijah has a feral intensity, and when lust and bloodlust combine, succumbing to desire is more of a battle for control when Vasti attempts to protect herself by trying to 'take' what is Elijah's right to give..."
06/22/2012 page 283
77.0% "I am really enjoying this, there some rough spots for the starring pair but it's also very steamy. There are also some really good moments with past pair Lindsay and Adrian, and some good setup for Sayre (I snuck a peak at the teaser for the next book and it looks like it will be his.)"

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Lisa - (Aussie Girl) Great Review, Mel. I really like this series even though it is pretty steamy there still is enough plot with the Wraith virus not to be just another Paranormal romance. As you mentioned the ongoing character development is excellent also. Loved seeing a cameo from Eve, i would love to see later on in the series a collaboraton with the Marked characters.

message 2: by Melindeeloo (last edited Sep 24, 2012 09:53PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Melindeeloo Lisa - (Aussie Girl) wrote: ... i would love to see later on in the series a collaboraton with the Marked characters..."

That would be fun, maybe give (Reed?)Abel a HEA with someone from this part of the universe?

Lisa - (Aussie Girl) I get the feeling she never really finished off the Marked series properly so a HEA for Abel and seeing Cain and Eve securely together would be great. Now I just have to let Sylvia Day know what we want, LOL.

Melindeeloo Did you read the short story where she answered the Cain and Abel question and set up the HEA? I think that was that. I was actually disappointed, I really liked this series. Eve was just so smart, and I didn't mind the triangle (sometimes they drive me nuts.)

Lisa - (Aussie Girl) Was that the one where Cain gave her the engagement ring? Yes, I think that was that also.Get the feeling it was the end of her contract with Tor publishing so she wrote the short so it was sort of resolved. Now she's moved more into the PNR genre with the renegade angels. My preference these days is more UF with a building romance over several books with the leads.

message 6: by Melindeeloo (last edited Sep 25, 2012 04:38PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Melindeeloo It was Eve of Warfare (which was first pubbed in one of the Mammoth books of Paranormal Romance) I think that Abel gives her the ring and they are going undercover as a married couple when Cain steps in and cuts Abel out of the picture. There is actually a bit of the Renegade Angels crossover in this (Adrian appears at the beginning, I think) and the bad guy was also from their half of the universe if I remember correctly. It's not what I wanted for a finale, but I think you are right and the publisher didn't pick up more books - this was an odd duck at the time because it was that cross between UF and PNR with the more sexy bent.

Lisa - (Aussie Girl) I wonder how many books she has planned for the current series? I think I remember three was mentioned and the third one is out early next year. Feb?) I guess it will depend on the popularity. I think her Crossfire series is pretty popular with the current fad on Erotica. I haven't read it, I'm a bit over all the Fifty shades stuff although quite a number of people said it's much better written which of that I have no doubt. Sylvia Day is a talented writer.

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