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Redemption Ark by Alastair Reynolds
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Jun 20, 2012

really liked it

** spoiler alert ** Leading on from the first book Revelation Space the second part picks up around 20 years after the last book. Sylveste had learned of the Inhibitors in the last book. They wiped out the Amarantin and every other advanced space faring culture. Ancient killing machines possessed of billions of years of accumulated knowledge.

This book focuses more on Neville Clavain. One of the oldest men alive. One of the first conjoiners from Mars, a defector from baseline humanity. He learns that something has struck terror into the conjoiners inner sanctum. The most advanced human faction. He decides to defect and try and save the rest of humanity. It just so happens that the lost cache of conjoiner doomsday weapons stolen by Nostalgia for Infinity has been detected in a far of system. Delta Pavonis.

Having had an encounter with a man who identifies himself only as "H" Clavain is united with an unlikely band of allies who deicide to head to Resurgum together on their own lightship Zodiacal Light. Fellow conjoiner Rementior, a hyperpig (a failed genetic experiment) Scorpio and various other figures of Chasm City's scientific and criminal elite. To recover the doomsday weapons and find out more about these Inhibitors. He's not the only one either. The ruthless Conjoiner leader Skade is already on the way. And its not as if taking them from Triumvir Illya Volyova acting commander of Nostalgia for Infinity will be easy.

On Resurgum panic breaks out when the inhabitants realize the inhibitors have gone to work building a massive device to destroy their systems star. Triumvir Volyova sets to work trying to get as many people onto the ship as possible to escape. But the ship has a mind of its own. More accurately that of its Captain John Brannigan. A man possibly older than Neville Clavain.

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