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God Save the Queen by Kate Locke
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Jun 20, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: fantasy, steampunk, vampires
Read from June 29 to 30, 2012

Review of the ARC copy I won through Goodreads:

Queen Victoria is entering her 175th year of reign - as a vampire. Our heroine, Alexandra, is a half human half vampire who serves with the Royal Guard protecting the aristocracy. She serves in a world of vampires, werewolves, and goblins that is almost modern but with an unsurprisingly steampunk twist.

As the story unfolds Xandra's sister is missing and she delves deep into the underbelly of Britain to find out what happened. Going so far as visiting the hated and feared goblins underground she learns that her dear Dede has behaved rashly towards her former lover and the father of her child, Lord Ainsley, at a party and is now incarcerated in Bedlam, a mental institution where Xandra's own mother ended up. Before more can be done Xandra finds out that Dede committed suicide - by burning. Knowing Dede as well as she does alarm flags are raised and Xandra insists on seeing the body only to learn that it is not Dede at all!

The world-building and characterization in this were excellent. The story moved along briskly and I found myself actively engaged in this story. However, there were times when I questioned some of the wording used as it felt a little juvenile, like this story could not quite figure out if it belonged to an older young adult audience or firmly in the general adult fantasy shelf of a bookstore. The use of romance seemed a bit contrived as well; I felt as if Xandra was just dumped into a relationship with a hot, eligible aristocratic werewolf because it seemed the right and easy thing to do as is the wont of many paranormal romance novels.

With that said, this book definitely felt like more than just a simple paranormal romance and there was a lot of thoughtful detail put into this world that made it work for me. It had a fun story that kept me trying to figure out where I'd be dragged to next with Xandra and I never found myself bored once.

That begs the question: will I buy the next book when it comes out? You betcha. More praise cannot be said than that.


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