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Lonely Souls by Karice Bolton
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Jul 28, 12

Read in July, 2012



When I first did a cover reveal for this book, I fell in love with the beautiful cover. I loved the scene in the book where the cover came to life for me. I love it when a cover can do that.

Triss has lost her mother, the witch coven have put her to rest, but Triss is not convinced her mother has passed on. She doesn't want to believe her mother is no longer with her. But what happened to her? She just went missing. Something isn’t right. Triss on her 18th birthday is to take part in the ceremony that will bring her into her witch coven. Things don’t go according to plan.

Logan and Triss, aka Beatrice, have a very gentlemanly kind of relationship. Logan speaks to Triss with such respect and I think he is in awe of her.

Logan wants to keep Triss safe until they can work out what to do. Logan is holding some secrets of his own and his skeletons are pretty big in his closet.

I really loved Logan he is written very much a gentleman. He is so patient and into Triss. He just waits for her to be ready for him. They have known each other their whole life, but Logan went away and the letters stopped being written.

I am very interested to know more about Logan as he turned to the dark arts, the black magic for a while and I don’t think we know why?

I really liked the originality of Karice’s , ‘Lonely Souls’ , I would like to understand more, but the whole idea I really liked.

The major villain of this story is still in the wings but I suppose you could say the minions were at work and I enjoyed the wands coming out and some spells being fought.

I liked Logan teaching Triss protection spells and the special gift he gave her. That was a great gift, albeit I would probably personally say no thanks, lol!! But a very handy gift that served a wonderful purpose. That was a very imaginative idea by Karice.

Some little seeds were sown for future instalments that we will have to wait to see grow and a nice twist or two in the plot.

I am looking forward to seeing where Logan and Triss are taken on their journey to........well I can’t tell you that or else it will give a lot of the story away:D


“I think I could stay in the rain all day long with you, baby,” he whispered......

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