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Reality Bites by Shaunda Kennedy Wenger
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Jul 17, 2012

it was amazing
bookshelves: read-in-2012, first-reads
Recommended to Shannon by: Shaunda Wenger
Recommended for: Teens and up
Read on July 14, 2012 — I own a copy

** spoiler alert ** It came today! I am SO excited to read this this weekend! I just LOVE Miss Shaunda's books!
A.S.A.P....oh my gosh!!! Already LOVE IT!
I love how she sucks me in before I get to Chapter 1!
Soon as I get my computer to cooperate I'll finish this! Poof!

Chapter 1. Oh no, I've licked one of my I'm worried about me!
I love how kids are "almost" to their birthday, the day AFTER their birthday.
2. How does she put lipstick on if she doesn't have a reflection?!
So how will this play out? Will Mackenzie turn into a vampire or not? And seriously...who marries a vampire?! How did she tell him she was one?! Does Mom wear mascara? With no reflection that'd be interesting to pull off. Especially eye liner.
3. The silver bullet thing is not common knowledge it.
6. Spf 298...Awesome, where can I get it??? I burn to a crisp if I use anything under 75! Now I'm really wondering about me :/
4-10. I know she's a 7th grader and all but ...I really hate Susie Q. I hope she comes to Mackenzie's haunted house and falls into a vat of worms.
Did Mackenzie's parents switch her and Kristy at birth because her mom secretly wants a "normal child"?!
11. "Dad always drinks coffee at night. It helps him stay up with mom." I can not be the only one that finds that incredibly romantic, can I?
13. Boy can she spin a story! Stupid principal blaming her. Jerk.
16. Mackenzie has big what?! Please don't make me wait to find out what & why the girls...!
18. Ew.
20. "Unexplainably invaded by loons". THAT house?! I wouldn't give it a second thought...if they were dead. Maybe Wilma can make them into a casserole? I still cant believe Jason ate that. Ew.
22. Kissing the mummy cousin is worse than the toilet. Double ew.
27. Dad covers the baby's eyes so he isn't tarnished by seeing his sister dressed as a beautiful MERMAID! Too funny! Too hilarious!
28. I KNEW IT!
29. Awesome! Can't blame her, I would have done the same thing, fish lips.
31. Wow! Really NOT how I saw this ending! I can't believe that...wait...I'm not one to ruin the endings in books. You'll just have to read it for yourself!

I always try to guess the ending with Shaunda's books...and I'm ALWAYS WRONG! I hope there's a sequel!

This book is a teen book, but I as a very immature adult, I absolutely loved it. Once I read the first page, I couldn't put it down until I was on Chapter 18 and realized I was starving to death! I read straight through and hadn't taken a moment to eat!
I love the font chosen for this book. It makes it fun and a bit easier to read than "normal" font that's most commonly used in books.
This book took me a bit more time to figure out than The Ghost In Me, but I still never had it completely figured out. The ending was such a suprise! Excellent! But a surprise!
I hope for a sequel! Or maybe a Prequel even...explain how Mom and Dad met, fell in love, got together...

**Author mailed me this book for review. It was not a Goodreads giveaway but it is an ARC.
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