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Freak by E.K. Henry
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Jul 12, 2012

really liked it
Read in July, 2012

ACTUAL RATING: 3.5 stars :D

Vampire books may or may not be in style anymore, but I can tell you one thing for sure. E.K. Henry has managed to take the usual vampire storyline and twist it into something different and fun. Freak, though it did have it's faults, was a light and enjoyable read.

When this book was brought to my attention, I was most intrigued about the television show Juniper and her family were going to be starring in. I wanted to see how it was possible E.K. Henry could base her plotline around a reality television show being in a world full of blood-thirsty vampires. It was definitely unique! I felt so sorry for Juniper having to put up with cameras constantly crowding around her all day, everyday. Plus, it was already bad enough that the vampires at her school hated her because she was human. Never mind a human with her own TV show!

Despite all this, Juniper stayed strong. I admired how she always tried to hold her head high, even though she stood no chance against the super-fast, super-mean blood suckers! Especially that horrible, Sheila! She was like your usual bully times a million! I also liked Juniper's snarky, sarcastic side. Another character worthy of a mention is Rouge (one of the vampire slayers). For some reason she reminded me of Raven out of Delirium. She was blunt, logical and a fighter. Juniper's love interest, Brandon, I wasn't all too keen on, but I didn't mind him that much. I actually liked another male character (named Trip) better. I definitely thought Juniper and Trip would have made a better couple. I liked him instantly and was a little disappointed when nothing happened between them.

The main faults I found were more with the writing. In my opinion, I thought there was too much crying from the characters. I know that sounds a little heartless, but I didn't think Juniper, for one, should have cried as much as she did. I also thought there was too much of the word "whatever" used and the way she would practically go in a huff and storm into her room. I know that's usually what happens when a teenager gets mad, but I thought it was just a bit too forced at times. It got a tad irritating. There was also quite a lot of errors in this book (grammatical and spelling) but I don't judge a book by the way it's edited.

Overall, Freak was quite an enjoyable read. It had an unusual and fun storyline to it and it was a really light, short stand-a-lone read that I finished in one sitting. I feel like it's a book you'd go to if you wanted something easy-going. Sort-of like a rainy day read. So yeah, Freak might not be the most amazing book in the world, but it's still worthy of a look!
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