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Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas
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Jul 05, 2012

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My first reaction to this book was, 'OMG, an awesome YA Fantasy!'. I seriously loved the fact that Celeana is this badass, cutthroat chick that is so physically and mentally strong she has survived an entire year in a slave-run death camp. That's where you meet her in the story, when Prince Dorian pulls her out of the camp to compete for the chance to be King's Champion...and basically win her freedom from slavery forever. The main thing keeping this one from a higher rating for me was a large chunk of the middle of the novel that I got bogged down in. I was overall entertained and pleased with the book, but a lot of the mid-book stuff felt repetitive.

My first impressions of Celeana's character were all positive. She'd rather kill her rescuers than thank them. Dorian and Chaol, Captain of the Guard, don't trust her at all, but Dorian needs her help. Celeana was put in the slave camp because she was sold out by someone and was caught. Did I forget to mention she was the world's most infamous and astoundingly brutal assassin. Seriously? Awesome! You've got to love a girl that has all these big tough guys sweating that she's going to slit their throats open :) During the novel you get to see her opening up and showing her more sensitive side. I really loved the juxtaposition of those parts of her personality. My only complaint would be that I wished there had been more instances of her showing what made her such a feared assassin. The parts that were in it were amazing, and I'm pretty sure there will be a ton of that in the second book.

I also liked the romance in this book. It wasn't overdone, but added a nice layer to the story. I like (*ahem* LOVE) the strong, silent type so I am totally Team Chaol. There's still something very magnetic about Dorian and his transparency. I'd call this great love-triangle-that's-not-really-a-triangle-but-still-kind-of-is-a-love-triangle kind of thing. Does that make sense? It's got the potential for one, but is still interesting without full love triangle status :) I'll shut up now...

An entertaining Fantasy read with enough magic to make things interesting without being overly complicated which will appeal to those that aren't automatically drawn to this genre. The characters are all nice and round, just like they should be :) I was giddy over the beginning of the novel, kind of 'meh' about the middle, then back to being excited towards the end.
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message 1: by Mel (new) - rated it 5 stars

Mel (Daily Prophecy) Do you like it so far? :D

Jackie Miller Yeah, I am. I'm still undecided on whether it's good or REALLY good yet. Either way, I'm enjoying it :)

Andrea (Book Stalkers) Just curious, why the change from the last comment to a three star rating? I'm still debating whether to read this one or not.

Jackie Miller Errm, I just got so bogged down in the middle. Like I loved the beginning and I liked the end pretty good, but was disappointed in the middle. I had a hard time rating this one because of it...for sure worth a read, but the middle really dragged for me :/

Jackie Miller and I forgot to put that in my last little wrap-up paragraph. *goes to edit*

Jackie Miller I didn't even realize there were novellas. I probably will read them because I did like the characters and the plot, and I can see this being a pretty cool series. Thanks for clueing me in :D I wish Goodreads allowed 1/2 stars b/c I didn't want to give it *only* 3 stars, just not quite 4. Maybe one day :)

Jackie Miller Are they prequels to the novel? I'm going to have to check them out!

Jackie Miller That was part of Celaena's character that I was so interested in was all that backstory I knew was there.

Carrie Ardoin I felt almost exactly the same as you! More killing! LOL. Check out my review :)

Jackie Miller OMG, haha! Yes! That was my unedited verbal (not asked for) review that I gave my husband :) I told him I wanted to 'see this b*tch straight up killing people!' I'm heading over to your review :)

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