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13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson
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Jun 19, 12

bookshelves: contemporary
Read from June 17 to 18, 2012

Ginny is traveling all over the world because of the instructions of her aunt. I didn't like the aunt because she's putting Ginny in so many dangerous situations, but one of Ginny's first adventures is in Rome and I've been there. She was talking about the roman forum and the colosseo metro stop and I'm in Italy as I write this having recently been in Rome so as these things were mentioned I was all, "I've been there! I know exactly what you're talking about!" Our hotel in Rome was near the Colloseum when Ginny mentioned the colosseo metro stop, I was all, "I got off on that stop! I know where that is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)" I've never been in th esame location as a book before, so I was really excited. There was romance, but it was a small portion of the book and unlike other books where in the end they make a big deal about the romance, here there was just: "Is there something? Yeah, there's something." Ta-da. All in all, a sweet and humorous story and I can't wait to read the sequel!


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Quotes Emily Liked

Maureen Johnson
“When she emerged, Keith was watching the tiny round window of the under-the-counter washing machine.
"Put your clothes in for a wash," he said. "They were disgusting."
Ginny always thought that the only way of getting clothes clean was by drowning them in scalding water and then whipping them around in a violent centrifugal motion that caused the entire washing machine to vibrate and the floor to shake. You beat them clean. You made them suffer. This machine used about half a cup of water and was about as violent as a toaster, plus it stopped every few minutes, as if it were exhausted from the effort of turning itself.
Sluff, sluff, sluff sluff. Rest. Rest. Rest.
Sluff, sluff, sluff, sluff. Rest. Rest. Rest.
"Who thought to put a window on a washing machine?" Keith asked. "Does anyone just sit and watch their wash?"
You mean, besides us?"
"Well," he said, "yeah. Is there any coffee?”
Maureen Johnson, 13 Little Blue Envelopes

Maureen Johnson
“She was standing in the airport of Copenhagen, staring at a doorway, trying to figure out if it was (a) a bathroom and (b) what kind of bathroom it was. The door merely said H.
Was she an H? Was H "hers"? It could just as easily be "his". Or "Helicopter Room: Not a Bathroom at All”
Maureen Johnson, 13 Little Blue Envelopes

Maureen Johnson
“I'm Keith," he said, "and you're . . . clearly mad, but what's your name?”
Maureen Johnson, 13 Little Blue Envelopes

Maureen Johnson
“Go see old virgins! Now ask a strange boy out, you shy, Retarded thing!”
Maureen Johnson, 13 Little Blue Envelopes
tags: humor

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