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The Sweet Gum Tree by Katherine Allred
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For making me cry last night ill give this one 10++++ stars!!!

“You can’t turn love on and off like a light switch, no matter how hard you try. All you can do is wall it off, one brick at a time, until you’ve created an impenetrable fortress around your emotions. And once that fortress is built, you camouflage it so well that even you can’t see it anymore.”

I LOVE LOVE it so much! Alix saved Nick from his abusive father by giving him home and curing his wounds. They develop this closeness that turns to love when they get older. But nick's father was found dead and Nick admitted his guilt for the crime.He leave town and Alix without knowing Alix's pregnancy. She had no choice but to marry someone. After 15 years Nick's back, & with her pending divorce and all the community rumors, he wants her back.

It was a roller coaster of emotion. The first half will make you so rooted with the character. You'll love the Judge, Ellie, Anne & Darla. You'll fall in love with Alix & Nick. Second half, was the emotional part. Pain of Betrayal, hatred, loss, forgiveness & love.... I just hope that Jenna(Alix bestfriend will have story of her own). Two thumbs up for its ending!♥♥♥

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07/25/2012 "cant put this down! why do i have to go to work!:("
07/25/2012 "cant put this down! why do i have to go to work!:("
50.0% "my hands are itching!!! i need to put this down..lunch break is over..huhuhuhu"

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Kristin (KC) Great book! Glad u loved it. :)

edzkie♥§*.*§♥ Kris wrote: "Great book! Glad u loved it. :)"

super!!im crying half of it!!LOL

Kristin (KC) So did I! It definitely goes down as one of my favorites...

edzkie♥§*.*§♥ Kris wrote: "So did I! It definitely goes down as one of my favorites..."

im just sad that Nick made the wrong choices..but i understand Him.. me too..one of my fave!♥

Annie Brewer Eeeeee, this is my absolute favorite book of all time!! Glad you loved it!

✽ Sharon is an emotional book junkie ✽ great review...glad u loved it!

message 8: by Dee (new) - rated it 5 stars

Dee I loved this book a lot too! Nick is aaaah..amazing <3

edzkie♥§*.*§♥ Dannah wrote: "I loved this book a lot too! Nick is aaaah..amazing <3"

me too. I also love @
What Price Paradise from the same author..:)

Georgia Cruz Hey there. Do you have epub copy of this? I can't find one. Can u please send it to my email? :) thanks a lot!

message 11: by Juls (new) - rated it 5 stars

Juls love that pic on your review!

edzkie♥§*.*§♥ Juls wrote: "love that pic on your review!"

tnx Juls!♥

Steamywindows♥♫ Great review edzkie♥§*.*§♥!

edzkie♥§*.*§♥ Steamywindows♥♫ wrote: "Great review edzkie♥§*.*§♥!"


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