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City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare
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Jul 04, 12

Read from June 18 to 21, 2012

In this book Jace is back but connected to Sebastian, Clary's evil step-brother, and Clary must find him and stop whatever nefarious plans Sebastian has on the world. Clary will continue rush into action, without consulting anyone, asking for help, or considering the consequences, because love trumps all. Simon doesn't know where he stands with Isabella the warrior queen of fashion. Alec becomes emo over his relationship with Magnus the immortal warlock. Isabella is jealous of Clary for having a friend like Simon. Jace is possessed again and is constantly trying to get into Clary's pants, and wait, doesn't, because Clary possess amazing self control when in bed with boy she lusts after. And the soap opera continues.

I find that Cassandra Clare breaks her own rules of world building by inconsistently portraying her characters. We have been told that Shadowhunters grow up fast, marry young, and have children young. Then we find out that Clary's mother, Jocelyn, was married at 19, and her parent's thought that this was too young. This seems contradictory to this fact, since 19 was a normal age for many even now.

I feel like we are back to book one again with Sebastian taking the place of his father and everyone having to defeat the power hungry person again. And now that I have read both the Clockwork Prince and then City of Lost Souls within months of each other, the characters are starting meld together.

On the other hand, Clare's writing is very descriptive and entertaining, though I do find it unnecessary to describe for the 'nth time Clary's wonderful lack of fashion sense in dressing in jeans and sweatshirt. I think Clare could conserve on words by only describing clothing that may have an effect on the plot, otherwise we know what these characters wear, she's described it enough.

This is the least adventurous novel yet, unless you count who will jump into whose bed next. Clare's continues to captivate with her writing and fast pace, though for how long with the same stories. And now with the announcement of another series set in Santa Monica with the Shadowhunters, wait hasn't this been done already with Buffy the Vampire Killer?


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