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Queen of the Darkness by Anne Bishop
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Jun 18, 2012

it was amazing
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Read in June, 2012

OK! Trilogy done, really satisfying! Def one of my favorite female-centered thick-tomed fantasy series. I really enjoyed the growth of the main character in this book, and the agony and tension between the main character and the love interest was great...to a point (see below)

I had a FEW quibbles along the way, namely:
-Why, if everyone is SO UBER with magic and detection was the spy allowed to stay in the house to try to kidnap her sister? Why did she let her family stay so long AT ALL?!?! I woulda kicked them to the curb after a day!

-Let's be honest, after about 1200 pages in the trilogy, THAT WAS THE CONSUMMATION SCENE?!?! I mean...after penis rings controlling for CENTURIES I really feel like we shoulda had MORE DETAIL and MORE SEXY SCENES. UGH. So PG-13. So frustrated. :(

Anyway, Loved it. Def would read more in the universe!
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message 1: by Alyson (new)

Alyson The Black Jewels series is one of my favorite fantasy series. Bishop clearly put a lot of thought into building her world, and her system of magic is really detailed and mostly consistent. I agree that the "consummation scene" was a bit (no pun intended) anticlimactic, though. :)

Meljean Brook The Invisible Ring is a good spin-off book that takes place before the trilogy. That's followed up by a connected duology that takes place after the trilogy, but I wouldn't read it unless you've read The Invisible Ring. They're both solid and satisfying, though not the kick in the gut that the original trilogy could be sometimes.

I seem to remember that you don't usually read novellas (?) but I highly recommend her "Dreams Made Flesh" anthology for the Lucivar story in particular. All of the stories are well-done, but that's one of my favorite romance novellas (and it filled in his story nicely between books 2 & 3).

message 3: by Cyn (new) - rated it 5 stars

Cyn The other books in the series are pretty good, although I feel none of them hold up to this original trilogy. If you love Jaenelle and Daemon though, then be wary of Twilight's Dawn, where Anne Bishop decides she has to tackle what happens after Jaenelle dies (since she's from a short lived race). I wish I could completely erase that story from my memory, as it tries to taint the original story. I can't stand it.

However, as Meljean stated, Dreams Made Flesh is really well done and complements the trilogy quite well.

message 4: by Carl (new)

Carl I *love* these books but am I the only one thinking that her male charters don't seem to think like real men?

Keltie The consummation scene was really non existent. With all of the buildup, the waiting, the hinting of how it will be between 2 people that have been made to do something unwillingly for so long..... I was really hoping that their union would be magical. Very disappointed there.

Stephanie Davies Daemon and Jaenelle finally getting together was a bit anti-climactic - and the series isn't faultless in many other ways - but these characters just stay with for so long after you finish the series. I'm currently re-reading them for the second time.

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