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The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle
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Jun 18, 2012

did not like it
Read in June, 2012

Loy Machedo’s Book Review – The Power of Now by Echkart Tolle.

Before I start thrashing the book, let me give you a few interesting facts.
• The book was published in the late 1990.
• Initially around 3000 copies were printed.
• Oprah Winfrey the great influencer recommended this book in her magazine (did she even understand the book?)
• After this debacle, the sales shot up to 3 Million Copies translated into 33 languages. (Its no surprise why every author wants Oprah to recommend their book).

So lets start my review. Yes folks, My gazillion dollar book review that may be only 300 people per day may read. The big emphasis is on the word ‘may’.

The author tries to give an explanation into topics like:
Life in the Now.
Ego & Non Ego Enlightenment
The Manifested & Not Manifested
Transformation & Just being.
(not exactly in that order but that a small nutshell)

So that’s about it.

Now starts my Book Review.

People like Deepak Chopra, Echkart Tolle, Joe Vitale should either be spanked until their bottoms become permanently so sore, that they should never be able to sit on their rear end or they should be hung upside down covered in a pile of stinking poo until they promise never to waste peoples time with their ‘woo-woo’ nonsense.

All Echkart Tolle has tried to do is splatter some spiritual words, some hard to define concepts, mixed it up with some logical confusion, lots of mumbo-jumbo, defined and twisted words, peppered it with mysticism, cooked it up with some crack pot experience, sliced it with some anecdotes and repeated the same concept is so many different ways – you will assume you are enlightened in the end, simply because your brains are either fried or numb with nonsense.

I mean in a world filled with people who are illogical and confused about the god myth, to the different kinds of gods and different versions of gods, you bring some cocaine induced neutral sounding deep nonsense and the next thing you know – everyone is holding hands, closing their eyes and feeling the warmth of the spirit flow through them – which is nothing but BS!!!

I hated the book right from the time I read the first few lines. If you thought Wayne Dyer was nuts and Deepak Chopra was off his Cuckoo, then Echkart is on steroids of Self Delusion.

What a bloody waste of money, time and space these people are with their nonsense. I think people should wake up, get real and stop following these woo-woo teachers with their nonsensical philosophies.

Personally, he may appeal to a bunch of lost idiots on our planet (and I am sure there are many of them), but I’m sorry, I am not part of that mumbo-jumbo-om-chanting-peace-flowing-spiritual-seeking-delusional-club.

I am as real as they get.


Overall Rating
Minus 10 out of 10.

What a bloody waste of time!

And if anyone wants to purchase the books from me – PLEASE contact me ASAP!!!

Loy Machedo
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Prakash I disagree.

But thanks for that anyway.

Susan Mclaughlin I can see how, at different times in my life, this book would have sounded like mumbo jumbo to me as well, but even the author says in The Power of Now, that when you are ready for this book it will resonate. Some don't like this book because "it is nothing new", but for me, he explained the ego, pain body, and other concepts so that it really opened my eyes. These concepts are certainly called other things as well, and are ideas which aren't new, but he refers to them differently so you don't have preconceived notions about them. I understand that many are turned off by his looks, mannerisms, etc, but when you don't judge those things and you are open to the ideas, it's really transformational.

Christian Herrera Your very descriptive form alone of your desire in thought of how you physically want to hurt the author, even if it is only figurative, shows how your little, close-minded way of thinking and unintelligent mind is of even comprehending 0.1% of what the book is saying. Your deluding yourself. Your obviously not ready for something like this.

Your entire review is invalid.

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

I bet you would like to burn this book and all books that don't fit your way of thinking. I love the way you promote your web site in the context of an angry review. Nice marketing took, but your review of the book is lame. No fact just flabby opinion. Hopefully you generated some traffic for your web site which appears to be your real intent. Your review is bogus at best.

message 5: by Lisa (new) - rated it 1 star

Lisa Jones haha so true--lol everything you stated is the truth

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